Mycotoxin Detection to Minimize the Risk of Food and Feed Contamination

Mycotoxin analysis relies on the detection and quantitation of toxic compounds produced by naturally occurring fungi or molds.

Mycotoxin detection is exceptionally complex as these compounds are typically small molecules (< 1000 Daltons) and represent a diverse range of physical and chemical properties. While there are potentially hundreds of dangerous mycotoxins and mycotoxin metabolites, a few classes of these represent the greatest concern to global food and feed supply chain.

Crops exposed to environmental stressors such as regional temperatures and rainfall preharvest or poor storage and transportation conditions of raw and finished food products are more at risk for mycotoxin contamination. These toxins can accumulate in maturing corn, cereals, soybeans, sorghum, peanuts, and other food and feed crops in the field and even grain during transportation. Soil, grains, or other crops contaminated with pathogenic fungi may become subsequently contaminated with mycotoxins and present a risk to human consumers.

Prolonged consumption of contaminated produce can lead to mycotoxicosis (mycotoxin poisoning). This can result in acute symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and rashes to chronic side-effects like cellular process inhibition in both human and animals. Along with that challenge, and the introduction of even more stringent regulations for mycotoxin control, the need for mycotoxin analysis methods that effectively identify and quantify these toxins is even more critical than before.

Setting the Gold Standard for Mycotoxin Detection with LC-MS/MS
At SCIEX, we have the right tools for your mycotoxin testing. The high sensitivity and selectivity of our instruments will help you detect and quantify mycotoxins and an extensive range of toxins in various crops and food types with precision and a single analysis.

Solving the Challenges of Mycotoxin Detection

X500R QTOF System

Easy to use accurate mass spectrometer system that analyzes data faster; leveraging on the power of SWATH® Acquisition.


The all-in-one software that lets you acquire, process, analyze data and even generate reports.

Mycotoxins MS/MS Spectral Library

Trace commonly tested antibiotics and metabolite compounds with this verified library.

QTRAP® System

Combine the MRM sensitivity of a triple quad to get you even better identification, characterization and quantitation.

ExionLC™ Series

Deliver speed, sensitivity, resolution, and reliability that you need for routine or complex LC-MS analysis.

Hinder the Threat of Mycotoxin Contamination

Download your free LC-MS/MS mycotoxin testing info kit

Stay Ahead of Your Animal Feed Nutrition Testing

Download key tools to learn more about the efficient workflows


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