Nontargeted Food Contaminant Screening and Analysis

If a food or beverage product enters supply with an undetected contaminant, the financial and brand consequences can be significant. While most food testing labs routinely test for a targeted list of known contaminants, there is a risk that unknowns in the sample can be overlooked when using these targeted analyte methods.

The Only Way to Safeguard Your Products from Contaminates
For absolute certainty that your production line is free from contaminants, you need tools to perform non-targeted screening to proactively search for food hazards. These could be contaminations resulting from chemical reactions during cooking or processing, unknown pesticide or residue metabolites used in food production or adulterants added to food to deceive the consumer.

See All Unknown Contaminants in a Single Analysis
Our comprehensive solutions for non-targeted screening workflows enable you to carry out unknown contaminant surveillance for any and all potential compounds, then identify those compounds and quantify their presence—all in a single analysis.

SCIEX QTOF and QTRAP® LC-MS/MS systems scan across a mass range where a potential unknown contaminant may be detected. Coupled with SWATH® Acquisition, you will see every detectable analyte at high or low concentration. With QTRAP you can screen for unknowns using Enhanced Mass Spec (EMS), Enhanced Resolution (ER) and Enhanced Product Ion (EPI) scanning capabilities.

Accelerate Workflows with SWATH® Acquisition

Discover the power of the X500R QTOF LC-MS/MS with SWATH Acquisition for high throughput food and beverage quantitation workflows.

Know More About Unknowns with QTRAP

Detect more information about any unknowns in your sample with QTRAP Enhanced Mass Spec (EMS) and Enhanced Product Ion (EPI) scans.