Discovery proteomics:
rapid, confident identification and quantification

SCIEX discovery proteomics solutions allow you to acquire reproducible, confident proteomics data at speed to help ensure that research or core lab services can deliver biologically relevant results, rather than just a list of proteins. While protein identification has been the driver and benchmark of proteomics capabilities for many years, attaining useful biological insight requires robust, reproducible and translatable approaches to quantitatively profile relative protein abundances.

The ability to generate high-quality MS/MS spectra at speed is central to large-scale identification and quantification, and to achieving in-depth proteome coverage and quantitative reproducibility, regardless of approach. The speed and sensitivity of the ZenoTOF 7600 system, which uses using the Zeno trap at scan speeds in excess of 100 Hz, delivers the highest-quality MS/MS data during data-dependent acquisition (DDA), even on low-abundance proteins. Fast acquisition speeds help ensure that large numbrers of precursors are fragmented to achieve maximal proteome coverage in both protein identification and labeled quantification approaches.

SWATH acquisition delivers precise, extensive, label-free quantification that drives biomarker discovery and identification of differentially expressed proteins. The ability to generate MS/MS data on all observable species at speed enables this data-independent acquisition (DIA) approach to simultaneously identify and quantify thousands of proteins, even during short run times. Once data are acquired, the processing power of the OneOmics suite in the cloud enables fast access to results for all users and their collaborators. 

Shotgun proteomics: identify and quantify more with increased confidence

Identify and profile cell lysates, tissue digests, biofluids and IP pulldowns with sensitivity, coverage and speed. Leverage short run times with microflow chromatography without compromising on coverage and quantitative reproducibility. Data-dependent acquisition with the sensitivity of the Zeno trap delivers high-sensitivity identification and labeled quantification, even with small sample loads, which can be used to drive biological insight or generate deeper libraries for SWATH acquisition. Leverage the quantitative coverage of SWATH acquisition to identify differential proteins across studies of any size, and to enable in-depth discovery on large sample cohorts. 

Over 40% more proteins identified using Zeno MS/MS

Using the ZenoTOF 7600 system, with the OptiFlow ion source and OneOmics suite in the cloud

Investigating IκB kinase inhibition in breast cancer cells

Biomarker discovery on the TripleTOF 5600 system using iTRAQ reagent labeling

Spectral library generation for SWATH acquisition in less than 20 hours

Using the OneOmics suite and the TripleTOF 6600+ LC-MS/MS system

Fast protein identification experiments with microflow LC – up to 100 samples per day

High speed acquisition with TripleTOF 6600 system

Technologically advanced discovery proteomics solutions

Innovation in proteomics technology is what drives more information from every sample. The ZenoTOF 7600 system features the Zeno trap and electron-activated dissociation (EAD), new innovations that boost the sensitivity and quality of the structural MS/MS information that can be acquired from every peptide. OptiFlow source technology allows simple, flexible switching of flow rate from the highest-sensitivity nanoflow approaches to robust, high-throughput microflow rates. Leave behind expensive data processing hardware and long database search times with the power of cloud processing in the OneOmics suite, which encompasses apps such as ProteinPilot, iTRAQ and SWATH acquisition processing for a multitude of discovery approaches. 

Qualitative flexibility combined with quantitative power

A crucial step change in MS/MS technology, the ZenoTOF 7600 system unlocks new, precise perspectives on the proteome.

A revolution in low-flow separations to maintain the perfect balance of robustness and sensitivity

Discover the OptiFlow Turbo V ion source: an easy-touse, low-flow source technology with cutting-edge features.

One cloud, countless opportunities

Drive big data to meaningful results with cloud computing. Streamline the analysis of your multi-omics data sets with the power of the OneOmics suite.