OptiFlow® Turbo V Ion Source

A Revolution in Low Flow Separations to Maintain the Perfect Balance of Robustness and Sensitivity

  • Based on the trusted Turbo V™ source design and with finger-tight fittings for tool-free setup
  • New SteadySpray™ probes ensure consistent droplet formation for high quality spray and optimized for multiple flow ranges:
    • Micro: 1 - 10, 10 - 50, 50 - 200 µL/min
    • Nano: 100 – 1000 nL/min
  • Switch between nanoflow and microflow in minutes
OptiFlow Turbo V

Switching to High Sensitivity Low Flow Analyses Couldn’t Be Easier

Introducing the all new OptiFlow Turbo V Ion Source with SteadySpray™ probes from SCIEX. The robustness and simplicity you’ve come to expect from traditional analytical flow can now be experienced in your high sensitivity microflow and nanoflow analyses.

We have made this possible with standard size finger-tight fittings, and a new single click source interface – allowing you to effortlessly connect your LC, column and mass spec. The OptiFlow source is equipped with intelligent probe recognition technology to preset system source settings and probe position, providing optimal spray and eliminating all manual adjustments.

Easy to Use, Low Flow Source Technology with Cutting Edge Features

Innovations that Power Your Performance

Engineered with enhanced gas flow dynamics and Ion Drive™ heaters for increased ion production and robustness, the OptiFlow source helps ensure consistency in results across multiple systems and multiple users. Extensive experiments were performed for nanoflow and microflow to find optimal probe positions, protrusions and typical gas and temperature settings.

Flexible Flowrate Range

Micro: 1 - 10, 10 - 50, 50 - 200 µL/min Nano: 100 – 1000 nL/min

SteadySpray Probes

Stainless steel probes with optimized length based on flow rate range, and newly designed electrodes to ensure consistent droplet formation for high quality spray. Available in low flow micro 1-50 µL/min, high flow micro 50-200 µL/min and nano 100 – 1000 nL/min

Optimized without Manual Adjustments

Intelligent probe recognition technology presets system source settings to an optimal range for best spray conditions, and eliminate all manual adjustments on the source

No Tool Connections

Engineered with finger-tight standard size fittings to ensure a simple tool-free setup, every time

Integrated Column Heater

New column heater design with expanded heating range up to 90 C provides retention time consistency across runs

Fast Switching

Change between nanoflow and microflow in minutes

Maximize Productivity with the Complete Solution

Robust Low Flow Analysis on High Performance MS Platforms

The OptiFlow source offers an easy-to-use, low flow ionization source to provide robust and high-performance ionization on select SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® instruments. New SteadySpray probes help ensure robust and consistent performance for even the most challenging microflow analyses.

NanoLC 400

Most flexible low flow LC system, with microfluidic flow control for reproducibility across a wide flow rate range. Plug-and-play flow modules to switch between nanoflow (100 nL/min – 1 µL/min) and microflow (1-10, or 5-50 µL/min)

M5 MicroLC

Optimized MicroLC system for high-throughput workflows from 1-200 µL/min, and for use with limited sample volumes. The OptiFlow Source is also compatible with M3 MicroLC and MicroLC 200 systems

6500+ Series

Compatible with our fastest and most sensitive 6500+/6500 QTRAP and Triple Quad series instruments.

Triple Quad 5500+

Compatible with the high performance 5500+/5500 QTRAP and Triple Quad series MS instruments.

TripleTOF 6600+

Compatible with QTOF high resolution mass spec TripleTOF 6600+ instrument.

Phenomenex Columns

• Variety of solid supports • Trap and columns • 300 µm & 500 µm i.d. in 5, 10, or 15 cm lengths • Finger tight 1/16th fittings • Range of chemistries optimized for specific applications

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