Environmental Fate Analysis

The life cycle of chemicals and environmental health

Tools to detect and identify unlimited new and emerging compounds

Monitoring the life cycle of all of the chemicals used across the globe, including pesticides on crops, industrial chemical pollutants, or others, is essential for understanding the impact of these chemicals on our environment and on overall environmental health.

The use of mass spectrometry for environmental fate monitoring enables researchers to survey water, soil, and plant samples for both targeted chemical compounds of interest and to survey for unknown chemicals, chemical metabolites, or other chemical hazards that persist in the environment.

SCIEX solutions for environmental fate analysis empowers researchers to:

  • Detect and identify low levels of chemicals in complex matrices
  • Perform targeted library database searching to quickly identify known chemicals hazards
  • Survey for unknowns with smart and effective software that delivers easy to use structural elucidation tools for reliable compound identification

6 month study of pesticide in natural water