OptiFlow™ Interface for TripleTOF® 6600

Switch between flow regimes in minutes

  • A single interface for nanoflow, microflow and analytical flow regimes
  • Tool-free fitting of nanoflow heater and curtain plate for seamless switching to low flow rates with no need to break vacuum
OptiFlow Interface

Choose the right flow rate for the job with OptiFlow™ Interface

The new OptiFlow™ Interface allows you to easily switch to the most appropriate flow rate for your TripleTOF 6600 experiment without the hassle of breaking vacuum. This universal interface can accommodate low nanoflow rates for highest sensitivity, microflow rates that can be applied to high throughput proteomics experiments or high sensitivity small molecule applications, as well as standard analytical flow rates.

Quickly switching between flow regimes allows you to take full advantage of the unique benefits of each approach without disruption to your routine experiments, allowing you to manage your workload accordingly, selecting the right flow rate for the job to generate the highest quality results in the most efficient manner.

With OptiFlow™ Interface, proteomics core labs can now readily access high-throughput, reproducible microflow separations for large quantitation experiments or fast protein ID while retaining the capability for nanoflow for situations where highest sensitivity on low sample amounts is required. Or if your lab runs a diverse range of applications, you can now move from nanoflow proteomics to microflow metabolomics with ease.

Universal to all flow rates

Allows compatibility with high flow, microflow and nanoflow sources.

Tool-free fitting, no need to break vaccum

Switch between nanoflow and higher flow rates in minutes.

No compromise in nanospray performance

Same high-sensitivity with nanospray for when you really need it.

Maximize Productivity with the Complete Solution

Highest flexibility and performance for your TripleTOF 6600

Combined with flexible separations technology such as the NanoLC™ 400 system and appropriate ion sources, the Optiflow(TM) interface allows your TripleTOF(R) 6600 to accommodate multiple chromatographic approaches, with no vacuum break or lengthy changeover.

TripleTOF® 6600

Fast, sensitive, high-performance accurate mass system for in-depth, quantitative small and large molecule analysis.

NanoLC 400

Most flexible low flow LC system, with microfluidic flow control for reproducibility across a wide flow rate range. Plug-and-play flow modules to switch between nanoflow and microflow.

NanoSpray® III Source

An easy to use, flexible and robust solution for nanoflow applications. Also compatible with Digital PicoView source.

Turbo V™ Source

Compatible with Turbo V, Duospray™ and IonDrive™ sources for high flow and microflow rates.


Add an extra dimension of selectivity to your analysis with innovative differential mobility spectrometry (DMS).