iMethod™ Application for Herbicides in Water (Partner Contributed)

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

This iMethod Application quantifies 22 acid herbicides in water using a Spark Holland Symbiosis PICO system (integrated online solid phase extraction (SPE) and HPLC system) with a Mistral column oven and SCIEX API 4000 or 4000 QTRAPLC/MS/MS System.

Samples are prepared by filtration and pH adjustment followed by online SPE sample cleanup and concentration using the capabilities of the Spark Holland PICO system in conjunction with Spark Holland HySphere SPE C18 HD sorbent cartridges. More in-depth sample preparation and instrument parameter information is included with the method. Solvents, standards, and any supplies required for sample preparation are not included.

The mobile phase consists of acetonitrile/methanol/water/ammonium acetate mixture with separation on a Waters Atlantis dC18 3.5 μm HPLC column (2.1 x 50 mm).

To view detailed preparation conditions and example results, please view the flyer: A Rapid iMethod™ Application for Herbicides in Water.

iMethod Application for Herbicides in Water Partner Contributed


Reduce development time

Activity Using an iMethod Application Traditional Method Development
Complete Test Protocol Documentation Included Weeks–Months
Sample Prep Techniques Included, with examples and references Weeks–Months
Optimized MS/MS Acquisition Parameters Included Weeks–Months
LC Instrument Parameters with Retention Times Included Days–Weeks
Integration (Quantitation) Parameters Included Days
Reporting Templates Included Days
LC/MS/MS Library Spectra May be included. Stand-alone libraries are also available. Weeks–Months
Staff Training – Software Simple Cliquid® Software interface, no additional training Traditional MS Software and review procedures – Days
Method Validation Weeks. Validation templates and support available Weeks–Months
Complete Test Development and Deployment Weeks 6–12 months