MasterView™ Software

Master Your Data, Get Faster Answers

When simplicity meets speed and power, you get MasterView™ Software from SCIEX. This powerful application lets you accurately and effortlessly screen unknown samples against the targeted list of compounds for quick identification. The software supports all SCIEX QTRAP® and TripleTOF® systems and is available as a module within PeakView® Software.

The MasterView Software Difference

Master a New Level of Speed, Power and Accuracy

Integrated Platform for Different Workflows

MasterView Software delivers a unified platform for multiple workflows, giving you the power to perform targeted and non-targeted screening, identification, quantitation and reporting in a single interface.


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Generation of Extracted Ion Chromatogram (XIC) for each peak

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Evaluation of TOF-MS and Evalutation of TOF-MS/MS

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Leverage the hardware advantage of TripleTOF® technology for quality data and effective data processing of all targeted and non-targeted peaks in your unknown samples.

Intuitive Data Processing, Faster Than Ever

Process targeted list data in as few as five mouse clicks. With a simplified user interface and streamlined workflows, MasterView Software helps users at all levels of expertise to master data processing faster, with less rigorous training requirements.

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The simplified user interface shows the chromatogram (top panel), data processing results (center panel) and MS and MS/MS profile of selected peaks (bottom panel) on one easy-to-interpret screen.


Be More Confident in Your Results With MS/MS

Identify unknown compounds with improved confidence, using integrated library searching capabilities, formula finder and fragmentation prediction tools to aid in true unknown structural elucidation.

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With the ChemSpider* search and automatic MS/MS interpretation, ChemSpider hits are automatically compared with acquired MS/MS spectra for more confident identification of unknown peaks.


*The powerful chemical structure database, ChemSpider, is seamlessly integrated into MasterView Software. When you subscribe to ChemSpider you can easily search over 58 million structures from hundreds of data sources without leaving the MasterView Software interface.

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