NanoLC 400: A Low Flow LC-MS Solution

Flexibility for Today’s Proteomics

The NanoLC™ 400 product series enables the full range of protein expression workflows that drive the identification of novel biomarkers to advance precision medicine research.

Ideal for the biomarker researchers digging deep in discovery or scaling up to validate their research findings, this front-end system is an innovative, flexible solution for a broad range of workflow needs.

Plug-and-play flow cartridges give you the flexibility to easily switch from the ultimate sensitivity of nanoflow LC-MS for discovery to high-throughput microflow LC-MS for validation.

NanoLC 400

The Choice is Yours

The NanoLC 400 Series is available in two models, with patented pumps that make these systems among the most accurate nanoflow models on the market. Combined with industry-leading SCIEX mass spectrometers, the NanoLC Series provides high sensitivity, robustness and ease of use to support the latest in data-independent quantitative proteomics with SWATH® Acquisition.

NanoLC 415:

When your sample is limited, and sensitivity is needed choose the NanoLC 415 for direct-to-column or trap-and-elute workflows. The NanoLC 415 is a complete package, providing an autosampler, solvent organizer, sample storage and cooling; plus a column oven - giving you the confidence that you will be up and running quickly.

NanoLC 425:

The NanoLC 425 is an ideal HPLC system for labs performing a broad range of proteomics analyses. The additional pump gives you the power to dive deeper into your sample – with the ability to see more using 2D workflows. With the flexibility to have pre-set nano and microflow configurations, this 2-in-1 system is ideal for labs with diverse applications that need to actively switch between flow regimes. Like the NanoLC 415, this integrated system includes an autosampler, solvent organizer, sample storage and cooling; plus a column oven – helping your lab to realize its full potential.

Meeting the Needs for Every Proteomics Workflow

With single-gradient and dual-gradient models available - workflows from simple trap and elute to complex multi-dimensional separation are possible. The NanoLC 400 Series readily fits the ever-changing needs of your proteomics lab.

When Samples Are Precious

When you only have minimal amounts of sample, the NanoLC 400 Series can get you the high-quality identification and quantitation data you need for new biological insights.

Industrialize your workflow

When you are ready to industrialize your workflow, the NanoLC 400 Series can readily move to microflow to give you more robustness and higher throughput.

Excellent Separations Every Time

With the NanoLC 400 Series’ patented Microfluidic Flow Control™ technology, you get consistent, accurate results without flow splitting, even at the high pressures.

Built For Simple or Complex Workflows

Key Features of the NanoLC400 Series

NanoLC 415 for basic direct-to-column or trap-and-elute workflows
NanoLC 425 for more advanced 2D workflows
Column OvenColumn oven provides excellent retention time reproducibility by ensuring consistent column temperature
Flow RatesMultiple flow rate options with user-interchangable plug-and-play flow modules to switch between nanoflow (100 nl/min - 1 µl/min) and microflow (1 - 10, or 5 -50 µl/min)
Flow AccuracySCIEX's patented Microfluidic Flow Control technology, for consistent, accurate retention times without flow-splitting
SoftwareIntegrated and controlled with SCIEX Analyst software


FeatureNanoLC 400
Dimensions22” x 26” x 9” (56 x 66 x 23 cm) (W x D x H)
Weight57 pounds (26 kg)
Working temperature15°C to 30°C
Maximum pressure10,000 psi
Models AvailableNanoLC 415 1 loading pump plus 1 gradient pump
NanoLC 425 1 loading pump plus 2 gradient pumps
Flow rate ranges
Loading pump1-50 μL/min
Gradient with nano flow module100-1000 nL/min (up to 2 μL/min at reduced maximum pressure)
Gradient with low micro flow module1-10 μL/min (up to 20 μL/min at reduced maximum pressure)
Gradient with high micro flow module5-50 μL/min
Flow rate accuracy< 1% @ 500 nL/min with nano flow module installed
Retention time precision< 1% @ 500 nL/min with nano flow module installed and column at constant temperature (± 0.2 °C)
Gradient delay< 25 nl
Wetted partsstainless steel, titanium, PEEK, fused silica, FEP
I/O1 x USB for instrument control each pump channel
2 x TTL in
8 x contact closure out
Instrument controlEksigent software for stand alone use
Eksigent software with drivers for Analyst® software (SCIEX)
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