Talk Precision Medicine

The right treatment

Tony Whetton shows us that precision medicine is both our present and our future. He presents a new strategy for the treatment of leukemia that could move the dial from effective management toward a cure.

19 / 04 / 2022 | Anthony Whetton

The best possible treatment for an individual patient is the definition of precision medicine. Tony Whetton discusses this approach in the context of chronic myeloid leukemia. He explains how proteomics, mass spectrometry and informatics can help scientists figure out how to destroy myeloid stem cells. A focus on two drug targets is the proposed path to a curative strategy, instead of following the current practice of disease management. 

"Awfully often, we see that drugs given to people are ineffective. This obviously is not good for the patient, and it’s also not good for the healthcare economy.” 

Tony Whetton