How To Move SCIEX Software License to a Different Computer

Date: 01/28/2019
Categories: Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

In order to move your SCIEX Software from a computer on which it is already activated to a new one follow these steps.  You will need your Activation Id, your installation media and a user account in order to complete this process. 

1.  Using your install media on your new computer install your software following the installation instructions in the release notes supplied with the software.

2.  Launch your software and you will be shown an Activation Screen.  These vary slightly depending on which software you are installing, below is an example from MultiQuant Software.  Enter your AID into the License Key box and press 'Generate Computer ID'
User-added image

3.  Navigate to SCIEXNow Registered Software and check if your Activation Id is already present in your list of registered software.  If it is not follow the instructions to register the software by clicking the 'Register Software' Button

4.  Back in the Software Activation Window copy the Computer ID generated (some software has a button specifically to copy it - some you will need to highlight the value and copy).  As this is a software move please do not use the link under the Generate Computer Id button as this is for new activation only.
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5.  Once you have found your software product in the Registered Software List Click 'Request Software Move'
User-added image 
6.  In the pop up window that appears Paste the Computer Id, the reason why you need to move the license and checkbox to agree to the terms of the software move.
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7. Once Submitted the SCIEXNow team will receive your request and process your Move Request and provide you with a link to download the file when it becomes available.

8. Once you receive your license file you can use the 'Install License File...' button on the activation window to select the file and activate your software.

9.  When your new software is running, you must uninstall the software from your original computer as agreed in the terms of use when the software move request was initiated.