QTRAP® LC-MS/MS Technology

Enhance your MS/MS Data over Standard Triple Quadrupole Analysis

As a leading and proven innovator in mass spectrometry for over 50 years, SCIEX QTRAP instruments are based on class leading triple quadrupole technology with the extra power to deliver more for your analysis. With instrument features such as Turbo V™ source, Curtain Gas™ interface and QJet® ion guide as standard, QTRAP instruments provide additional and unique MS and MS/MS scan functions to deliver both quantitative and qualitative information in a single triple quadrupole platform.

With a Linear Ion Trap configured within the mass analyzer, the QTRAP system offers unique scan functions beyond the traditional MRM mode, such as Enhanced Product Ion scan and MRM3. From high throughput quantification to Metabolite ID, the QTRAP system provides new ways of discovering more information on your sample.

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QTRAP Technology Explained

SCIEX QTRAP Technology is unique and based on a triple quadrupole mass analyzer configuration - but it is no ordinary triple quadrupole. A QTRAP system can be operated as a conventional triple quadrupole instrument with all the scan functions such as MRM, product ion and neutral loss, and it provides the same sensitivity as its equivalent QQQ model. But in a QTRAP device, the third quadrupole can be configured as a Linear Ion Trap (LIT) to provide additional powerful qualitative scan functions to enhance the performance and flexibility. Through the unique scan functions, you can get quantitative information with simultaneous confirmation or identification without sacrificing your data. Learn more below about the scan functions available.

Simultaneous Quantitation and Confirmation

QTRAP technology delivers equivalent or better data, and more of it, than you can capture on an ordinary triple quadrulpole system. You can combine all the MRM sensitivity of a triple quad, with a multi-functional linear ion trap (LIT), for unique and powerful workflows.

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No Change in Sensitivity

The data above demonstrates that there is no change in sensitivity from triple quad to QTRAP technology. Both deliver the same low level of detection you require for important analysis.

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QTRAP technology packs more than twice the functionality of a standard triple quadrupole system

Scan TypeTriple QuadQTRAP
Neutral Loss
Product Ion
MS3(MS/MS/MS) and MRM3 
Enhanced MS (EMS) 
Enhanced Multiply Charged (EMC) 
Enhanced Resolution 
Enhanced Production 

Overcome Quantitation Challenges Due to Complex Matrices

QTRAP technology can provide assurances for accurate quantitation free from matrix interferences, increasing data selectivity beyond triple quad technology. The integrated Linear Ion Trap’s (LIT) unique MRM3 scan functionality enables quantitation from second generation fragment ions, decreasing matrix interferences without added sample prep.

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Increase Throughput by Decreasing Sample Rechecks

QTRAP technology produces more high quality results in every run, increasing throughput beyond triple quad technology. By capturing MRM and enhanced product ion (EPI) MS/MS confirmation scans in one injection, you get high quality MRM quantitation with MS/MS confirmation at once, for ultimate throughput and fewer rechecks.

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Find Unknowns in Your Samples

QTRAP technology has the tools for your search, enabling you to screen for unknowns better than you can with triple quad technology. With the enhanced mass spec (EMS),enhanced resolution (ER) and enhanced product ion (EPI) scanning capabilities, QTRAP can help you find and characterize components in your sample.

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Being Asked to Do Beyond Quantitation?

QTRAP technology gives you the diversity to enable your lab with functionality beyond triple quad technology. Sensitive and robust MRM quantitation combines with multiple unique enhanced scan functions, giving you the quantitative performance of a triple quad system, with the added power to develop new methods or improve your existing workflows.

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Identify your Compound with Confidence Using Specific or User Configurable Libraries

QTRAP technology can increase confidence in definitive compound Identification, improving specificity beyond triple quad technology. QTRAP technology’s enhanced product ion (EPI) functionality gives you complete MS/MS spectra to cross reference with an integrated library, for ultimate confirmation when reporting your results.

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Experience the power to do so much more on one mass spec system. From the entry-level 4500 series to the latest high-performance 6500+ series, you’ll find a system to advance your analysis.

QTRAP 6500+ System

Mass Range: Dual mass range up to 1250 Da/up to 2000 Da. Features: Ion Drive Turbo V, Ion Drive QJet HED Detector. Options: QTRAP, SelexION, NanoSource

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QTRAP 5500 System

Mass Range: up to 1,250 Da. Features: Turbo V, QJet, Pulse Counting Detector. Options: QTRAP, SelexION, NanoSource

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QTRAP 4500 System

Mass Range: up to 2,000 Da. Features: Turbo V, QJet, Pulse Counting Detector. Options: QTRAP

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