Powerful software solutions to boost your mass spectrometry experiments

The right tool for the right job is what you want in your laboratory. Choose the SCIEX software you need for your specific workflows to improve efficiencies and increase productivity.

Our comprehensive portfolio of modern laboratory software helps you make the most of your mass spectrometry system.

    Instrument control software

    Instrument control solutions are the core engines of SCIEX mass spectrometry systems.


    Analyst® Software

    The flagship software for all our nominal mass spectrometers (SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® Systems). Advance your lab’s productivity with flexible data acquisition, rapid data processing, and compliance readiness.

    Analyst® TF Software

    The core engine of SCIEX high resolution, accurate mass TripleTOF® systems. It is the software your lab needs to enjoy exceptional speed, robustness and accuracy. It provides ease-of-use and flexibility to satisfy the needs of both novice and expert users.

    SCIEX OS Software

    The next generation of operating system for enhanced LC-MS/MS analysis. It’s available on our compact, easy-to-use, high resolution, accurate mass X-series QTOF systems.

    Workflow module software

    Workflow modules simplify your quantitative and qualitative workflows.

    SCIEX OS-MQ Software

    The next generation of software to enhance your MS quantification productivity. Compatible with all SCIEX systems. (Replaces MultiQuant™ and PeakView®

    SCIEX OS-Q Software

    Discover the new integrated software for all your qualitative and quantitative workflows. A fast and easy way to advance your MS analysis! Compatible with all SCIEX systems. (Replaces MultiQuant™, PeakView®, MasterView™ and LibraryView™ software).

    MultiQuant™ Software

    MultiQuant software shortens your quantitative workflows from hours to minutes. Did you think it couldn’t get any better? Enjoy the next generation of quantitative software with SCIEX OS-MQ software.

    MasterView™ Software

    MasterView software handles unknown sample screening with ease and accuracy. You want to advance your data processing capabilities? Then it´s time to discover SCIEX OS-Q software, boosting your qualitative and quantitative workflows even further.

    Application module software

    Application modules speed up data processing and help you in getting conclusive results.

    BioPharmaView™ Software

    You want to be the leaders in bioanalysis. BioPharmaView software offers advanced automated data processing tools. Speed up your biologics and biosimilar characterization and your comparability analyses. Perform complete MAM workflows on a single software system.

    Cliquid® Software

    You want to experience the power of LC-MS/MS, even if you’re not a mass spectrometry guru (yet). Cliquid software simplifies MS operation with a four-step interface for routine screening and quantification workflows.

    DiscoveryQuant™ Software

    Do you build a lot of MRM methods for your drug candidate screening processes? DiscoveryQuant software helps simplify and speed up your LC-MS/MS method development. An easy way to improve your drug discovery lab productivity.

    MarkerView™ Software

    You shouldn't have to be a statistics guru to get the most out of your MS data. MarkerView software is a smart, fast and simple statistical analysis software. Let it do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on key insights and high-value decisions.

    MetabolitePilot™ Software

    Enjoy the flexibility to handle small molecule metabolites and complex large molecule catabolites in a single system. MetabolitePilot software boosts accurate mass data processing and interpretation for your drug discovery studies.

    PeakView® Software

    PeakView software is what you need for spectral analysis and accurate mass data interrogation. Review, identify, superimpose, compare samples, and label peaks in just a few clicks.

    Additional application module software

    LibraryView™ Software

    Get right to the point. LibraryView software manages and facilitates library searching so you can rapidly identify and confirm large screening batches with confidence.

    ProteinPilot™ Software

    ProteinPilot software streamlines protein identification and quantification. Combining sophisticated algorithms with an intuitive interface, you can identify more proteins and search large numbers of post-translational modifications without increasing search time or false positives.

    Bio Tool Kit Software

    An add-on software for use with PeakView Software.

    ChemoView™ Software

    Need a simple way to report batch sample screening results? Set up your test limit requirements and let ChemoView software process your large data sets. Your customized report displays results with all the appropriate flags. Easy and fast. (Runs with Analyst software.)

    LightSight® Software

    LightSight software makes low-level metabolite identification and biotransformation studies fast and efficient. Meet your need to make critical decisions faster for your drug discovery.

    LipidView™ Software

    Need help finding a needle in a haystack? LipidView software helps you with complex lipid-profiling method development and streamlines your large data processing. Molecular characterization and quantification of lipid species doesn’t have to be complex.

    XCMS Plus Software

    Simplify and speed up your metabolomics workflows by processing, visualizing and analyzing data in one interactive, secure bioinformatics environment. XCMS Plus software takes you faster from data to biological information.

    SimGlycan Software

    SimGlycan software (a product of PREMIER Biosoft) predicts glycan and glycopeptide structures from SCIEX MS/MS data, facilitating the identification of glycosylation sites and post-translational modifications.

    Skyline Software

    Skyline software is a Windows client application for building multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), independent acquisition (SWATH) and full-scan (MS1 and MS/MS) quantitative methods and analyzing the resulting mass spectrometer data for large-scale proteomics studies.

The SCIEX software navigator makes your choice easier

The SCIEX Software Navigator tool is designed as a guide to help you find the right software suite for your laboratory requirements. It only takes a few clicks to get your personal recommendation*!

* Please note that this is a guide only based on the options you have entered. Please speak to one of our experts for more information on our products and software support plan options.

Unleash the power of your SCIEX diagnostic equipment

Software enhancements to accelerate accuracy and reliability of results

SCIEX offers complete LC-MS/MS system solutions designed to transform your approach to clinical testing. From automation systems to complementary software, our growing range of enhancements and options will accelerate your workflows, deliver more timely and reliable results, and keep your clinical lab performing at its peak.

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