Our Robust and Stable Ionization Source – Turbo V™ Source

If you need an ionization source that is renowned within laboratories all over the world, then look no further than the Turbo V Ion Source from SCIEX.

Synonymous with efficiency and unrivalled productivity, it has transcended generations of SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® mass spectrometers, from the API 4000 LC-MS/MS system through to the X500R QTOF system, you will find the Turbo V Source has been integral into these cutting-edge instruments.

It has underpinned academic research discoveries, pharmaceutical development, forensic investigations, clinical workflows and testing to ensure our food is safe to eat and water is safe to drink.

Adaptable to the demands of your workflows, the Turbo V Source features both Electrospray Ionization (ESI) and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI).

Turbo V Ionization Source

The Ultimate Stability for When You Need It Most

You need an ion source that will provide you the flexibility to meet regular and unexpected changes to your workflow. The Turbo V Source offers the flexibility you need to respond to those changes.

Traditional ESI provides broad compound coverage for most applications, and additional APCI probe is available for low-polarity compounds. Switching between flow rates couldn’t be easier! The Turbo V Source is compatible with a wide range of flow rates, from low micro to high analytical flow (5 – 3000 µL/min).

Key Features

The Power

Turbo V™ source provides high-sensitivity analysis over a wide range of flow rates

Extraordinary robustness in performance

The simplistic source architecture and orthogonal spray design with no complex spray path provides uniform temperature distribution and optimized curtain gas flow to improve robustness and ruggedness

Simple plug and play ion source design

A tool-free source design enables plug and play capability with almost zero maintenance

Versatile flow ranges

Covering flow ranges of 5 uL/min to 3 mL/min

Wide compound class coverage

The ability to quickly interchange ionization modes between APCI and ESI enables wider compound class coverage and easy and faster method development

Superior Ion Capture and Transmission

Dual heater design with improved gas dynamics increases ionization for high sensitivity

Optimized Geometry

High robustness over broad range of liquid flow, including a range of electrode inner diameters for highest quality separations

Customize to your workflow

Flexibility of workflow, with either electrospray ionization (ESI) or atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) mode

Fast Optimization

Compatible with any SCIEX 3200, 3500, 4500 and 5500 Triple Quad and QTRAP mass spectrometers

Enabling Maximum Up-time

QTRAP 4500 and 5500 LC-MS/MS System with the Turbo V Source

Both the QTRAP 4500 and 5500 LC-MS/MS systems set a new benchmark for robust quantitation and library searching. Both of the systems are ideal for laboratories requiring the utmost robustness, ruggedness and reliability for high-throughput screening of many compounds in many samples every day. Depending on your requirements you can discover more about the QTRAP 5500 and 4500 below.

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