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Microflow LC-MS: Moving You Closer to Developing Your Next Successful Drug Candidate

The M5 MicroLC is a feature rich microflow LC-MS solution meant to simplify both small and large molecule quantitation and characterization. In addition to using a small sample size, this extremely sensitive, versatile instrument will help you save on costs, space, and fully integrates with your SCIEX mass spectrometer of choice.

The M5 MicroLC is the perfect balance of sensitivity and robustness—more sensitive than traditional analytical flow LC and more flexible and more robust than nanoflow LC — giving you the potential to optimize your biopharma workflows, today and into the future.

M5 MicroLC
Key Features


Microfluidic control for accurate flow down to 1 µL/min. Quantitate with up to a 10x sensitivity improvement


Easily customizable and compatible with any micro column, you can switch between assays for an unlimited number of potential drug candidates


Trap-and-Elute option with additional gradient pump for fast sample loading

Use Lower Flow Rates

With flow rates as low as to 1 µL/min to boost signal, and with vial bottom-sensing technology, you can now get more from your limited sample

Maximize Your Results with the M5 MicroLC

Sensitivity, Speed, and More

The M5 MicroLC LC-MS instrument is engineered to give you maximum performance, flexibility and robustness for your workflow of choice. See how we can put the M5 MicroLC to work for you.

Reach Your LLOQ

Reach your required LLOQ by achieving up to 10x more sensitivity.

Use Less Sample

Vial-bottom sensing technology helps you get the most from your limited samples.

Choose Your Workflow

Easily customizable, you can use any column, and any chemistry to switch between assays for an unlimited number of potential drug candidates.

Cost savings

Reduce your cost per sample with up to 125x less solvent consumption so you can minimize purchase, storage, and disposal costs.

Advanced Technology for Greater Sensitivity

Intelligent Microflow LC Technology

Experience the greater sensitivity, flexibility, and robustness with the advanced technology in the M5 MicroLC.

Increased Ionization Efficiency

Compared to analytical flow, the lower flow rate range of the M5 MicroLC delivers a higher percentage of ions into the mass spectrometer so you get greater sensitivity for your precious samples.

Dual Flow Path Options

Get dual flow path capability by adding a second gradient pump – Cutting analysis time by giving you the option of taking the trap offline.

Click and Go Fittings

Know your connections are perfect with finger-tight, no tool fittings. Just listen for the click, and you are good to go.

Microfluidic Flow

Patented Microfluidic Flow Control™ technology allows you to get consistent, accurate results without flow splitting.

Why Make the Move to MicroFlow

Discover the benefits of moving to MicroFlow. From increased sensitivity and using less sample to cost savings, see how MicroFlow is the right solution for you.

Sensitive Quantitation Made Simple

Key Features of the M5 MicroLC

Space SavingStackable on your SCIEX 6500+ to maximize floor space
CustomizableChoose the columns you need to accomplish your goals
Integrated SolutionsPair with SCIEX Mass Spectrometers and Analyst® software
Maximize UptimeUtilize trap-and-elute workflow for increased robustness
Easily ImplementedReady to work with your existing Turbo V Source or OptiFlow™ Turbo V Source

Your Next Discovery is Within Reach

The adoption of LC-MS system is becoming more desirable in today’s laboratories due to its high selectivity, accuracy, and precision for analyzing bioanalysis candidates. The M5 MicroLC offers a complete solution to optimize your biologic workflows, today and into the future.

Peptide Quant

Quantify signature peptides or therapeutic peptides in complex matrices, such as serum and plasma.

Antibody Quant

Targeted antibody quant with outstanding sensitivity and linear dynamic range.

ADC Quant

Accelerate bioanalytical method development for ADCs with high-sensitivity assays for antibody and/or drug payload.

Small Molecule Quant

Enhance small molecule and metabolite analysis with microflow sensitivity.

Your Complete Microflow LC-MS/MS Solution

Pair your M5 MicroLC with specially designed columns and industry-leading mass spectrometers for maximum sensitivity for your most challenging applications.

Micro HPLC Columns

Designed and optimized for SCIEX's microLC systems, our columns operate at high linear flow velocities to ensure optimal performance at faster speeds and higher throughput levels.

Mass Specs

Combine our M5 MicroLC system, with industry-leading mass spectrometers for increased sensitivity and robustness across a wide range of applications.

OptiFlow Quant Solution

Gain all the sensitivity benefits of moving to microflow rates, without sacrificing the robustness and usability you’ve come to expect from traditional analytical flow assays.

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