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NanoLC 400: A low flow LC-MS solution

The NanoLC 400 series enables a full range of analytical workflows that drive the identification of novel biomarkers or the quantification of small molecules and biologics to advance precision medicine research.

This front-end system consistently delivers accurate retention times, reproducible injection down to 200 nL and covers a broad range of flow rates.

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M5 MicroLC system

The M5 MicroLC system is the perfect balance of sensitivity and robustness, giving you the potential to optimize your crucial workflows, today and into the future.

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Key features of NanoLC 400 series


NanoLC 415 for basic direct-to-column or trap-and-elute workflows
NanoLC 425 for more advanced 2D workflows

Column oven

Compatible with the OptiFlow Turbo V column oven. Column oven provides excellent retention time reproducibility by ensuring consistent column temperature

Flow rates

Multiple flow rate options with user-interchangeable plug-and-play flow modules to switch between nanoflow (100 nl/min - 1 µl/min) and microflow (1 - 10, or 5 -50 µl/min)

Flow accuracy

SCIEX's innovative multifluidic flow control technology, for consistent, accurate retention times without flow-splitting


Integrated and controlled with SCIEX Analyst software