Robust Clinical HPLC for the High Throughput Diagnostic Laboratory

Separate, Identify and Quantify Components from Biological Samples Using a Complete IVD HPLC Solution

Introducing the SCIEX Jasper™ HPLC System, a robust in vitro diagnostic HPLC solution.

An FDA Class I and CE-marked in vitro diagnostic HPLC system, the Jasper clinical HPLC is capable of operating at high flow rates and high pressures, to support a wide range of applications. Designed for use with SCIEX IVD mass spectrometers, the Jasper HPLC system brings the proven performance and reliability of a SCIEX LC-MS/MS solution to your clinical laboratory.

 Jasper HPLC
Key Features

SCIEX Dx Controller

Complete instrument control.

SCIEX Dx Sampler

Reproducible sample injection 1-500uL with minimal carryover.

Jasper™ HPLC Reservoir Tray

Large capacity solvent tray that holds up to 8 bottles of solvent.

SCIEX Dx Degasser

Inline membrane degasser for rapid degassing of HPLC mobile phases.


Compact column oven, accommodating 2 columns up to 150mm in length. Temperature control from 5°C above ambient to 150°C.

SCIEX Dx Pumps

Accurate solvent delivery from 0.1 to 5000 uL/minute. Supports pressures up to >9500 psi.

Your First Choice Clinical HPLC


Realize the full potential of your clinical diagnostics mass spectrometer with high performance, high-resolution separations from the Jasper HPLC System. Get the speed, sensitivity and reliability you need for excellent quantitative and qualitative analysis across a wide range of clinical LC-MS applications.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Fast HPLC separations increase productivity and reduce costs. The Jasper HPLC System supports flow rate up to 5mL/minute allowing faster LC runtime and increased throughput.

Overcome Your Separation Challenges

The Jasper HPLC System supports high flow rate, allowing you take advantage of modern LC column technologies, affording better chromatographic resolution. Higher resolution allows the separation of potential interferences and increases confidence in your results.

Analyst® MD Software Provides an Intuitive HPLC Method Editor for Jasper HPLC

Flexible and feature-rich Analyst MD Software controls the Jasper HPLC system, providing instrument control, data analysis, reporting and audit trails. With performance and simplicity at its heart, Analyst MD Software makes it easier than ever to set up LC methods for the Jasper HPLC system, visualize mobile phase gradient profiles and access all parameters for the pump, autosampler and column oven in real-time.

Set Pump Parameters

Set Autosampler Parameters

Set Column Oven Parameters

Real-Time System Monitoring

Best-In-Class Reliability and the Highest Levels of Accuracy

Pumping System

Accurate and precise solvent delivery, over a large range of flow rate up to 5mL/minute


Maximum pressure more than 9500 psi allows the use of modern column chemical and small particle sizes to maximize separation

Minimal Carry-Over

Highly effective injector wash eliminates sample-to-sample carryover


Flexible auto-sampler support allows the analysis for vile and weld plates

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Clinical Knowledge Center

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