ChemoView™ Software

ChemoView Software is designed for data processing to quickly screen compounds in a large set data generated in Analyst® Software by flow-injection triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (FI/MS/MS). The concentrations for all compounds are determined. If the acceptance limits for the compounds have been established, the program highlights the samples having results outside of the limits.

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Compatible with SCIEX Triple Quad or QTRAP® Systems and runs in conjunction with Analyst® Software.

  • Easily relate the method process and method test details with tests results and the associated audit trail history
  • Automatically batch process results across different sample types to increase the speed and efficiency of reporting
  • Archive results and search by report name, date, Wiff file, or sample name
  • Specify the sample composition type (e.g., blood, bile) and associate this with report limits and user-defined calculations
  • Specify test limits for each analyte, as well as view and automatically flag the results that fall outside of user-defined limits
  • Designate a specific report template by processing method from a wide range of standard reports that can also be easily customized according to specific test requirements