Ivona Baricevic-Jones, PhD

With the exciting task of managing operations at one of the world’s leading proteomics centers, Ivona ensures the smooth running of this busy facility in its endeavors to address some of the biggest issues in medicine.

A highly experienced biochemist, Ivona has worked with The University of Manchester for more than a decade in laboratory, project and operations management roles. Before joining the Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre, she worked across pharmacology, viral oncology and molecular allergology. 

Ivona is now responsible for business development, relationship management, laboratory operations, project management and staff resource deployment across all activities at the Centre, which aims to identify biomarkers that could be used to diagnose or inform treatment of diseases such as cancer and arthritis.

“Many diseases are treated with a ‘trial and error’ approach where doctors prescribe a drug which will be effective in some patients, but not in others. Patients can be moved to another drug until a drug is found which works for that individual patient. Biomarkers help to stratify patients so they get the right treatment for them, not one size fits all.”

Ivona Baricevic-Jones