Shane Karnik

Shane leads a team of scientists supporting clients in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug development. The team breaks through analytical boundaries using innovative mass spectrometry methods to analyze small molecule, protein, therapeutic peptide and oligonucleotide drug candidates.

Shane Karnik’s lab uses the latest mass spectrometer technology to solve complex problems for clients. The dynamic work requires creative thinking and the courage to try new approaches. Through all phases of development, Shane and his team work to provide high-quality data that will help get real products to the patients who need them.

As part of a regulated contract research organization (CRO), the team at Aliri contributes to the large, often unseen, effort that is needed to bring drug candidates to market. Shane’s focus on collaboration and proactive problem solving carries through all stages of the projects.

Shane received his Master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Colorado Springs. His career is focused on leading teams that develop analytical methods to support regulated drug development.

“You can theorize all you want, but until you actually step into the lab and do the work, you don’t know what the outcomes are going to be.”

Shane Karnik