Tom Covey, PhD

He's a rule breaker and a game changer, with a single-minded mission to revolutionize analytical science. Tom is behind some of the fundamental SCIEX inventions that have led to unquestionable quantitative performance.

Tom received his PhD from Cornell University, working on the problem of coupling liquid chromatography to mass spectrometry.  Since then, he has been a pioneer in developing mass spectrometry solutions and techniques for coupling chemical-based separations to gas-phase methods of detection.  Having navigated the research paths that eventually led to advances such as the Turbo V ion source, SelexION device and Echo® MS system, he values both the successes and the failures—recognizing them as an opportunity to learn and innovate away from what is expected. 

As a Principal Research Scientist, Tom works with a variety of scientists, engineers and external collaborators to build prototypes and test the utility of innovative concepts before presenting them to the SCIEX executive team for commercial evaluation. His recent major focus has been on improvements to sensitivity and throughput.

“Working at SCIEX is like receiving a box of chocolates. With every technology or innovation you develop, you never know what you're going to get when it comes to the commercialization stage.”

Tom Covey