Virtual training programs

Deepen your hardware and software skills with interactive online training

Need training but on a tight budget or time crunch? SCIEX virtual training programs offer courses to meet the specific needs of your lab.

Choose the best virtual training option for your lab and budget

Customized software training

When you purchase a Success Virtual Program, we work with your lab to build a customized training curriculum comprised of online courses and virtual training specifically to meet your needs. We discuss the SCIEX instruments you have, your lab’s level of LC-MS experience, your workflow and your analytical goals.

Spaced learning

Spaced learning is an approach developed by Clark Quinn of Quinnovation (adapted from Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research Inc.). It demonstrates that learning and reinforcing over time results in better engagement and higher retention than intensive training in a short period. Success Programs were designed to leverage this approach, enabling you to learn and retain the skills and techniques you’ve invested in.

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Choose your software training topic

Success Virtual is well-suited for strengthening your skills using SCIEX software. We can design a training program for almost any SCIEX software package you require, for any application:

  • Analyst software
  • SCIEX OS software
  • MultiQuant software
  • MasterView software
  • PeakView software
  • ProteinPilot software
  • MarkerView software
  • DiscoveryQuant software
  • BioPharmaView software
  • MetabolitePilot software
  • Additional SCIEX software products

Pre-packaged eLearning paths

Available 24/7, these self-paced eLearning modules for SCIEX mass spectrometers are designed for learners with novice LC-MS operation experience. Each course is delivered in a dynamic format that significantly improves knowledge retention. At the end of the course, you are presented a certificate of completion after demonstrating competence through a knowledge assessment.

Each course should increase your confidence in:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of LC and MS
  • Performing instrument tuning and calibration
  • Creating and optimizing LC-MS/MS methods
  • Performing data acquisition and quantitative processing

Choose your system training topic

Take your science to the next level

LC-MS troubleshooting and maintenance courses

Save time and money when you fix it yourself.

Learning Hub Success programs

Build customized LC-MS and CE training programs most suited to your lab and users.

Software support plans

Future-proof your workflow by keeping your software current, so you get the best possible performance out of your SCIEX instruments'.