Microflow LC-MS Technology

Expand Your Capabilities. See More with Limited Samples and Boost Sensitivity from Traditional Flow LC to Improve Your Assays.

SCIEX microflow LC-MS can transform the way you work and take your lab to a superior level of productivity. This innovative technology delivers the perfect combination of robustness, sensitivity and flexibility.

Microflow LC-MS offers the best compromise between sensitivity and robustness—more sensitive than traditional analytical flow LC and more flexible and more robust than nanoflow LC — giving you the potential to optimize your biopharma or proteomics workflows, today and into the future.

It’s All About Maximizing Your Results

Move Closer to Developing Your Next Successful Biologic

Microflow allows you to run more assays on the same sample, or switch to smaller organisms because less sample volume is required - moving closer to developing your next successful biologic.

Get More Sensitivity

Quantitate with up to a 10x lower LLOQ with microflow LC- while requiring less sample and solvent.

Boost Productivity

You can use trap-and-elute workflows to minimize contaminants, and reduce costly column replacement - maximizing up-time.

Reclaim Wasted Space

Work with smaller organisms, and free up space to process more drug candidates.

Choose Flexibility

Experience the ultimate freedom to optimize your workflow for an unlimited number of potential drug candidate types.

Are You Ready to Industrialize Your Proteomics?

Proteomics research requires flexible solutions to cover a broad range of workflows, from deep sample characterization to high-throughput biomarker research. These large-scale studies require solutions beyond nanoflow that can accelerate data acquisition and provide the robustness needed for industrialized proteomics.

Worry Free Uptime

Achieve around-the-clock uptime leveraging the proven robustness of the SCIEX Turbo V™ source.

Process More

Analyze up to 4x more samples per day while maintaining data quality by transitioning to microflow.

Simplify your workflow

Microflow is easier for you to learn, troubleshoot and maintain than nanoflow LC.

Maintain Sensitivity

Load 4-5x more sample and get similar results with microflow LC.

Future-Proof Your Lab to Meet Evolving Demands

Pharma and Biopharma

Work through larger cohorts of candidates with the same resources, while reducing costs and boosting profitability.


Accelerate data acquisition and achieve the robustness required for industrialized proteomics.

Your Complete Microflow LC-MS Portfolio

Get Even More from Microflow LC-MS

Combine our microflow LC systems, with industry-leading mass spectrometers and innovative data acquisition techniques, for high sensitivity, robustness and ease of use.

M5 MicroLC

Increase your productivity to routinely analyze hundreds of compounds in hundreds of samples – day after day, year after year with the M5 MicroLC System.

NanoLC 400 Series

No longer choose between the high sensitivity of nanoflow and the high throughput of microflow. Use one flexible system to move from discovery to high throughput targeted assays.

Mass Specs

Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis across a wide range of applications when you connect with our broad portfolio of mass spectrometers.


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