Nominal Mass LC-MS/MS

Triple Quadrupole and QTRAP® Linear Ion Trap technologies

Choose the right technology for success in your lab. The SCIEX portfolio of nominal mass LC-MS/MS instruments includes our SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP®mass spectrometers. If you want the gold standard in quantitative mass spectrometry, or help dealing with selectivity issues, a SCIEX nominal mass instrument could be your answer. Both Triple Quad and QTRAP mass spectrometers employ the patented Turbo V™ ion source and Curtain Gas™ interface, which have the flexibility and robustness to address a variety of challenges.

With known analytes, our Triple Quad mass spectrometers and the Turbo V source deliver the sensitivity, throughput, and robustness your laboratory requires for its important quantitative MRM analyses. Adding QTRAP functionality to your mass spectrometer via a linear accelerator ion trap improves selectivity and provides confirmation of your MS/MS analyses. The QTRAP technology gives you additional confidence that you are quantifying exactly what you want to measure

SCIEX Nominal Mass LC-MS/MS Portfolio

SCIEX offers a broad portfolio of Triple Quad and QTRAP systems to meet your specific laboratory requirements and budget. Choose the right technology for optimum performance in the applications that matter to you.

Triple Quad™ Systems

Outstanding levels of selectivity and sensitivity for targeted MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) LC-MS/MS analysis.

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QTRAP® Technology

Increase confidence in your MS data. Get the performance of a Triple Quad with additional functionality to overcome matrix interferences, increase throughput, and more.

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