Accurate, Reliable and Sensitive Multiclass Veterinary Drug Residue and Antibiotic Analysis

There is a greater awareness of potential risks surrounding the use of veterinary drugs in the feed as improper administration of these drugs has threatened global public health.

Veterinary drugs residues have made their way into the food chain and led to public health epidemics such as antimicrobial drug resistance, hypersensitivity reactions and carcinogenicity.

Many countries have enforced legislations to restrict the usage of these substances in their feed with hopes it gradually decreases veterinary drug residue levels in animal by-products (meat, milk, eggs and honey).

However, the complex nature of veterinary drugs with actives from different chemical classes (i.e.: antibiotics, antiparasitics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) as well as the ability to trace small quantities in food can be a challenging task for labs.

Methods so Selective, You Have Confidence, Nothing Goes Under the Radar
SCIEX veterinary drug residue testing solutions are complete with single substance and multiclass testing to help your laboratory better identify and quantify very low levels of antibiotics and hormone residues in an abundance of food samples today and into the future.

Detect Veterinary Drug Residue in Food at Trace Levels

Labs today need rapid and selective screening methods, which not only detect varieties of veterinary drug residues, but also offer a broad range of levels in food and animals. At SCIEX, we continuously innovate to develop cutting edge high-resolution and accurate mass spectrometry technology to help you analyze low levels of analytes within complex matrices.

Complete Accuracy and Precision

Profile the composition of samples with a professional spectral library complete with hundreds of antibiotics to deliver confirmatory proof of the analyte detected.

Sensitivity, Reproducibility and, Linearity Accuracy

Delivers rapid glycan heterogeneity identification, capable of profiling your glycans in recordMaximize your quantitative results with the highly selective MRMHR that detects trace levels.

Accelerate Your Path to Answers

Maximize uptime and robustness with SCIEX Turbo V™ technology, designed to handle even the most difficult matrices amidst an abundance of co-eluting matrix compounds.

Technical Note

Rapid and Sensitive Analysis of Antibiotics in Children’s Urine Using the X500R QTOF System

Technical Note

Quantitation of Antibiotics and Insecticides in Poultry Feed using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Technical Note

Analysis of Chloramphenicol in Honey Using the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 3500 System

Routine Veterinary Drug Residue Analysis

Explore our extensive technology portfolio that offers you faster and simpler tools to enable multi-residue detection.

X500R QTOF System

Easy to use accurate mass spectrometer system that analyzes data faster; leveraging on the power of SWATH® Acquisition.


The all-in-one software that lets you acquire, process, analyze data and even generate reports.

Antibiotics MS/MS Spectral Library

Trace commonly tested antibiotics and metabolite compounds with this verified library.

QTRAP® System

Combine MRM sensitivity of a triple quad to get you even better identification, characterization and quantitation.

MasterView™ Software

Rapidly screen and process your unknown samples with absolute confidence.


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