Speed, sensitivity and scale for every workflow.

Proteomics research spans a continuum. SCIEX delivers integrated solutions that simplify workflow complexities from discovery to validation — across the range of study sizes.

Unlock knowledge faster as number of samples scale

The challenge of unlocking the proteome requires innovative tools to capture and characterize more proteins for deeper insights. As your lab shifts from small discovery experiments to quantitative work on larger sample sets, your need for comprehensive quantitation will grow. Whether you are analyzing 8, 80 or 800 samples, SCIEX has an LC/MS solution for your research.

Choose your study size to understand the ideal SCIEX LC/MS solution.

SCIEX provides a range of innovative instruments, software and reagents to help you examine the proteome more completely, addressing all needs across the research pipeline. We deliver technology at the leading edge of protein research to unlock knowledge to help advance your work.