Multiplexing Software Solution to Maximize LC-MS Throughput

Simultaneously Run Two HPLC Streams into a Single Mass Spectrometer

The demand for faster and accurate sample analysis continues to drive today’s laboratories across applications to seek ways to improve the flexibility of their LC. In turn, this pushes the need for innovative technology to increase MS throughput.

MPX™ Software paves a new way forward.
Your lab can now substantially increase productivity by multiplexing LC separations within a single MS and without sacrificing data quality. Featuring automated carryover monitoring, the MPX 2.0 High Throughput System works to reduce carryover and highlights samples that may need retesting.

With the new MPX Software 2.0 your lab will:

  • Save sample analysis time with automated carryover monitoring
  • Increase sample capacity for extended—and unattended—operation
  • Stay compliant with complete traceability and audit trails
  • Run multiple LC-MS modes concurrently
  • Enjoy Windows 10 compatibility and leverage the power of Analyst® Software 1.7

Fast Track Your Path to Results Through the Power of MPX Software

Double Sample Throughput from a Single MS

Do two things, at once, so you get the most out of your time. With the MPX Software multitasking is even easier. Stagger injections within custom predefined settings to utilize the downtime within your LC method. This helps you double your LC-MS throughput — twice the speed with half the turnaround time per sample batch !

Accelerate Your Productivity and Minimize Sample Re-injectio

Get a boost with the new automated carry over monitoring feature, which eliminates your need to re-analyze samples. The automated carry over monitoring flags high concentration samples, so you easily detect compounds for reruns. You now have the power to set your concentration thresholds and Region Heights without having to review the data either through Analyst Explorer, Quant, or MultiQuant™ Software 3.0.2. You can also reduce your sample reruns as the automated carry over monitoring automat

Engineered with Compliance in Mind

MPX Software assures you one less worry. By leveraging on the built-in comprehensive compliance features of Analyst Software, such as audit trails and traceability you can be 21 CFR Part 11 operation ready.

Moving forward, we're hoping to implement SCIEX's MPX™-2 technology, which enables switching between two LC systems. This increases flexibility and minimizes dead time due to column equilibration. On a two-minute run, we could effectively double our efficiency; an 18 to 20-hour analysis time would be reduced to just 9 or 10 hours, and could be completed overnight. Data would be available for analysis sooner, improving turnaround times even further.

Dr Graeme Clark, Head of Analytical Sciences, Cyprotex Discovery Ltd.

Complete Solutions Created to Fuel Your Lab

MPX™ 2.0 High Throughput System

Maximize your productivity and deliver results at up to twice the speed of traditional workflows. MPX High-Throughput Solution 2.0 is the ultimate integrated solution that offers you everything you need to run high throughput LC-MS.



Get up to 2X the throughput with your mass spectrometer


Carryover Detection Tutorial for the MPX Driver Software

Powerful Essentials that Help You Do More

Operating System Win 7 64 bit or Win 10
Analyst® Software 1.7
MultiQuant™ Software Version 3.0.3 or higher
Hardware Compatibility ExionLC AC
Shimadzu Prominence LC