Fast, Comprehensive Metabolite Analysis

Routine and Advanced Biotransform Solutions

Biotransformation studies are necessary for both small and large molecule therapeutics. From fast and efficient metabolic stability and soft spot analysis to in-depth, comprehensive identification of metabolites and catabolites in a sample, SCIEX offers an integrated solution to give you confident answers efficiently.

The Routine Biotransform Solution delivers:

  • Fast, efficient MetID and soft spot analysis for the top metabolites and biotherapeutic catabolites in a sample
  • Easy-to-use X500 QTOF platform that is compact, robust and streamlined for getting up and running quickly

The Advanced Biotransform Solution delivers:

  • Comprehensive detection of small molecule metabolites and large molecule catabolites with optimal sensitivity and dynamic range in the TripleTOF® 6600 QTOF System.
  • Confidence that you are seeing all low-level metabolites in your sample with the high definition TripleTOF® 6600 system and unbiased SWATH® Acquisition
Biotransform Solution

Understand Biotherapeutic Catabolism with Ease

MetabolitePilot™ Software 2.0 is industry leading software for both small molecule metabolite identification and for large molecule catabolite investigation. Sophisticated processing logic specific for peptides, proteins, and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) allow for the fast and confident identification of catabolites and the understanding of the metabolism of even the most complex large molecules. Read the Solution Guide >

Simplified High-Throughput MetID and Soft Spot Analysis

Quickly and efficiently run metabolic stability, MetID, and soft spot analyses for both small and large molecules in a high-throughput manner with the easy-to-use X500R QTOF system and intuitive, point-and-click SCIEX OS user interface. The streamlined LC-MS system seamlessly integrates with MetabolitePilot Software 2.0 to help you achieve the productivity you need to keep your projects moving. Read the Solution Guide >

Confident, Comprehensive Metabolism

Missing the identification of low-level or toxic metabolites during metabolism studies can adversely affect development timelines and budgets. Achieve ultimate confidence in your metabolism and catabolism studies with the maximal sensitivity and dynamic range for low-level metabolite ID, along with single injection comprehensive coverage with the high-resolution TripleTOF® 6600 System with SWATH® Acquisition. Data independent SWATH Acquisition collects high-resolution MS/MS data of all detectable metabolites and catabolites, allowing you to dig deeper in a single injection. Future proof your metabolism studies by keeping a SWATH digital archive of your sample, allowing for sample re-interrogation without re-analysis. Read the Technical Note >

Interpret Your Metabolism Data Faster

All in one high-throughput processing with MetabolitePilot™ Software 2.0 interprets and correlates metabolite structure and profiles for confident structural assignment. User friendly software interface puts processing, interpretation and reporting all in one place. Now with advanced visualization options to allow you to interpret your metabolism data even faster and easier. Read the Technical Note >

Two Streamlined Solutions Targeted to Your Needs

Routine Biotransform Solution

Perform high-throughput MetID and soft spot analysis using information dependent acquisition (IDA) workflows for the fastest and most efficient identification and analysis of small and large molecule metabolites.

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Mass SpecX500R or X500B QTOF System
User InterfaceSCIEX OS
Processing and AnalysisMetabolitePilot™ Software 2.0
Optimized WorkflowsFast and high-throughput small molecule and large molecule metabolic stability and soft spot analysis. Analysis of top 5-10 metabolites

Advanced Biotransform Solution

Perform truly comprehensive small molecule metabolite and large molecule catabolite identification using SWATH® Information Independent Acquisition for the highest confidence that all detectable metabolites are acquired. The most advanced end-to-end solution for metabolism and catabolism analysis.

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Mass SpecTripleTOF® 6600 System
User InterfaceAnalystTF
Processing and AnalysisMetabolitePilot Software 2.0
Variable SWATH® AcquisitionComprehensive unbiased data independent acquisition to store high-resolution MS/MS data for all detectable metabolites/catabolites in a single injection
Optimized WorkflowsComprehensive small molecule metabolism, peptide/protein catabolism, ADC analysis. Low level metabolite detection and analysis

The Power Behind the Biotransform Solutions

The Biotransform Solutions utilize robust, sensitive SCIEX high resolution QTOF technology for optimal small and large molecule metabolite detection. Proprietary SWATH® Acquisition provides high-speed, high-resolution MS/MS data of all detectable analytes in your sample, and is available on both the X500 QTOF and TripleTOF high-resolution systems. Uptime is maximized with the reliable and highly robust ExionLC™ liquid chromatography system. And accurate small molecule metabolism and biologics catabolism answers are provided from the powerful MetabolitePilot Software 2.0 packages.


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