The GenomeLab™ GeXP Genetic Analysis System is a versatile platform capable of a multitude of genetic analysis applications from quantitative multiplexed gene expression to sequencing and fragment analysis.

Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism

Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP*) analysis is one of the most powerful DNA fingerprinting methodologies for the identification and typing of eukaryotes and prokaryotic organisms. In plant molecular genetics, AFLP* is used in phylogeny and diversity studies and in a variety of marker-assisted breeding applications. AFLP* is also used in microbial genetic fields such as in epidemiological and evolutionary studies. It is a powerful DNA fingerprinting methodology that offers many advantages over other earlier procedures such as RFLP or RAPD.

Score the presence or absence of AFLP-generated fingerprints

The GenomeLab™ GeXP Series Genetic Analysis System automatically scores the presence or absence of amplified fragment-length polymorphism-generated fragments (dominant scoring), making it an accurate, fast and easy-to-use tool for researchers performing AFLP fingerprinting techniques. In fact, the analysis time for 100 samples is less than 2 minutes, versus the 40 hours often required for manual processing.


In this example, genomic DNA is digested with restriction enzyme(s) such as EcoR I and Mse I, then specific adaptors are ligated to the restriction ends of the gDNA fragments. The ligated fragments are selectively amplified using WellRED Dye Labeled primers specific to the adaptors, then separated and analyzed on a dual-plated GeXP Genetic Analysis System.


Quantitative analysis is possible by using an option to export the peak heights.


The GenomeLab™ dominant scoring algorithm automatically scores the presence or absence of AFLP-generated fragments in binary mode (I/O) through an integrate binning process. The dominant scoring results are easily used for phylogenetic analysis.

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