Gene Expression Analysis

Highly sensitive, multiplexed, quantitative, and reproducible gene expression using only a small amount of your precious RNA sample

How can you detect changes in gene expression as low as 0.5-fold, for up to 30 genes in one reaction?

Whether you are working for example on stem cell pluripotency, cancer research, multiple respiratory virus identification, or the characterization of bacteria and yeast in food & beverage, you have faced this challenge: how to identify minute changes in gene expression for a number of genes at one and the same time, preferably using only a small sample amount.

Now you can with the GenomeLab™ GeXP Genetic Analysis System, thanks to its highly multiplexed reverse transcription PCR* approach (XP-PCR*). XP-PCR allows you to quickly and efficiently look at the expression of multiplexed gene sets with greater sensitivity, speed and cost effectiveness compared to singlet and multiplex based-q PCR* approaches.

The GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System can accurately detect as low as 0.5-fold changes in gene expression, providing more precise information. Powered with our unique universal priming strategy, XP-PCR* allows multiple reference genes, genes of interest and an internal control to be unbiasedly analyzed in a single well. This enables the most accurate normalization and leads to reliable detection of very small changes in gene expression.

The GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System is ideal for multiplex panel validation and pathway studies. Focus areas include stem cell pluripotency studies1, cancer research utilizing FFPE samples, multiplex microbial detection for respiratory virus identification2 and food & beverage bacteria and yeast characterization. The GeXP also supports researchers who have completed their initial discovery work from the literature or large-scale screening technologies. The GeXP system is used for multiplexed, quantitative gene expression analysis as well as a multipurpose genetic analysis platform.

Gene Expression Solutions Benefits

  • High-throughput quantitative gene expression - With the capacity to analyze up to 30 genes per reaction, the scalable GenomeLab™ GeXP enables the examination of up to 5,760 data points unattended in 24 hours.
  • Time-saving and cost-effective gene expression - The multiplex power built into the GeXP enables you to analyze up to 30 genes per sample at a dramatically reduced cost-per-gene expression result with considerable time savings.
  • High accuracy and reproducibility you can trust - With unrivaled linearity (R2 > 0.99 for most genes), the GeXP delivers precise gene expression profiling that can detect gene expression changes down to 0.5 fold. A very high signal-to-noise ratio increases sensitivity and reproducibility across samples for more accurate and informative results.
  • Accurate representation of your targeted genes - Don't assume the amplified products in your PCR reaction are purely the intended target. Alternative and psuedogene transcripts can be amplified by homologous primer sequences. Separation of PCR products by size using capillary electrophoresis allows for identification and removal of unintended products, both specific and non-specific, from quantitation. This results in highly accurate and precise quantitation of the specific, intended gene target. This advantage is unique to the multiplexed, reverse transcription PCR approach and capillary electrophoresis technology offered by the GenomeLabTM GeXP gene expression profiling (XP-PCR) process. This translates to the most accurate quantitation in a multiplex environment.
  • Low sample requirement - Our multiplexing capability, coupled with capillary electrophoresis readout, can be efficiently used to look at focused sets of genes using as little as 5-50 ng of total RNA.
  • Comprehensive software tools - The GenomeLab GeXP has a sophisticated set of software tools that will guide you all the way from designing primers to data management of high-throughput gene expression studies.

Multiplexed Gene Expression Delivers High Sensitivity, Accuracy and Precision

  • Linearity and Precision - The GenomeLab GeXP produces gene expression data with superb linearity. A highly linear correlation between the amount of RNA and gene expression level is generated for each gene in a multiplex with an average correlation coefficient (R2) well above 0.99.
  • Accuracy - The GenomeLab GeXP is sensitive enough to precisely detect even small changes in gene expression. The 0.5-fold increases in RNA concentration are consistently and accurately quantified by the GeXP for all genes in a multiplexed assay.
  • Human Breast Cancer Electropherogram - Simultaneously analyze 24 functional genes associated with breast tumor progress and three reference (housekeeping) genes.

Stem Cell Analysis Solutions - Complete Stem Cell Characterization
Addressing the workflow challenges associated with stem cell screening, the GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System** provides a complete solution in a single platform. Integrating the GeXP Start Kit and Pluripotency panel for gene characterization with the GeXP STR Kit** for contamination detection, it accelerates screening for pluripotent stem cell lines. And together with support from Beckman Coulter's team of dedicated technical experts, it makes research and quality control processes more effective and efficient - saving you time and money.

Product Features

GenomeLab GeXP Gene Expression Profiling and Fragment Analysis

  • Enhance efficiency with an integrated single-platform solution utilizing the reliability of capillary electrophoresis one array, one gel and one software
  • Examine over 5,700 data points unattended per day with highly accurate relative quantitation of 2-30 genes per reaction
  • Overcome RNA restraints with a requirement of 5 to 50 ng total per reaction
  • Ideal for biomarker signature validation and subsequent screening as well as unique and challenging samples like iPSC colonies, single cell solution and simultaneous detection of multiple transcript variants

Start Kit with Pluripotency Panel

  • Monitor and characterize cell lines at a molecular level with more sensitivity and specificity
  • Compare delivery methods for reprogramming factors
  • Characterize a biomarker signature for each step of somatic cell reprogramming and differentiation of specific lineages
  • Readily identify and assess the pluripotent capacity of individual colonies from non induced lines
  • Monitor pluripotency of stem cell lines
  • Eliminate individual labeling of primers with versatile universal amplification kits

GeXP Human STR Primer Kit

  • Increase confidence in data source by tracking cell lines from the differentiated to pluripotent state and back to differentiated - Monitor and quantify contaminants
  • Utilize 12 loci to identify and track human cell lines from differentiation to iPSC to re-differentiation

Next Generation Pluripotency Biomarker Screening

  • Expedite the process and save time with the only system that offers multiplexing with a universal PCR* primer strategy
  • Save on primer synthesis with the dye-labeled primer incorporated into the GeXP Start Kit
  • Analyze up to 30 genes per reaction with relative quantitation with unrivaled sensitivity and reproducibility

World-Class Customer Service and Support

  • Get technical and applications support on-line, on-site and by phone
  • Receive on-site installation and training for instrument and methods
  • Count on complete post-sales hardware, software and method support

For every researcher there is an ideal analytical technology—one that helps you achieve your goals. Let us demonstrate how we can help you, request sample analysis now.

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