Drug discovery & development of small molecule therapeutics

Empowering the advancement of small molecule therapeutics

As therapeutics continually evolve to become more complex, you need new ways to simplify your method development and accelerate your workflows to get fast, accurate results – every time. SCIEX has a long standing record of providing innovate mass spectrometry based solutions to make you more productive and successful.

SCIEX offers you a comprehensive portfolio of instruments and software that simplifies analytical workflows. Data is easier to interpret, and analyses are easier to perform. SCIEX hardware and software are used worldwide to advance therapeutic development and to enable scientists to confidently submit their data to regulatory bodies.

Explore how SCIEX continues to reimagine therapeutic quantification in innovative and productive ways that address the continuously evolving challenges facing the industry today.

Small molecule quant

De-complex the complex with accurate and robust quantification methods to overcome analytical challenges.

Peptide & protein quant

Simple solutions to complex workflows to help you quantify peptide and protein therapeutics with increased confidence.

Oligonucleotide quant

Achieve qualitative and quantitative analysis of hard to analyze oligonucleotides.

Comprehensive metabolite identification

Identify every metabolite quickly and efficiently with total confidence.

Biotherapeutic catabolism

Quickly and accurately analyze catabolism and biotransformation of large molecule biotherapeutics.

High-throughput ADME

Help your lab operate more efficiently in ADME workflows, by increasing the speed and quality of bioanalytical results.

Accelerate the next generation of therapeutics

Qualitative flexibility combined with quantitative power. A crucial step change in MS/MS technology, the ZenoTOF 7600 accurate mass system delivers a new depth of data and perspective for pharmaceutical research.

eBook: Bioanalysis quantification analysis

Explore how to approach therapeutic quantification in more innovative and productive ways with high-performance hardware, software, sample prep and lab-tested analysis methods. This eBook is packed with technical articles and webinars on a range of applications and techniques, to help you discover how you can transform your quantification workflows.