Bioanalysis of Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins

Simple LC-MS/MS Solutions for the Quantification of Therapeutic Peptide & Proteins

The importance of biotherapeutics as a class of drugs continues to increase. Indeed, their low toxicity and high specificity justify their investigation as drug candidates. Yet, quantification studies of biotherapies in complex biological matrices can be very challenging. In particular, high background noise and interferences due to endogenous proteins may compromise the assay.

SCIEX helps bioanalysts tackle those very challenges which accompany the quantification of peptide and protein quantitation. Whether this be straightforward intact protein and signature peptide analysis workflows or complex workflows where our mass spectrometry innovation tools like QTRAP® LC-MS/MS system, or SelexION® Differential Mobility Spectrometry technologies can help you to evaluate all types of proteins and peptides without exception, with superior sensitivity and selectivity.

Overcoming the Challenges of Peptide and Protein Bioanalysis

Pushing the Boundaries of Your Quantitative Studies

Accurate and robust quantification of small molecule therapeutics can be complicated by matrix interferences, or by the need for achieving increasingly lower LOQs in complex sample matrices. SCIEX innovative technology overcomes sensitivity and selectivity challenges that may be faced by bioanalytical laboratories.

QTRAP® 6500+ System

The ideal system for biotherapeutic labs requiring ultimate sensitivity for ultra-low level quantitation of peptides and proteins.

MRM3 Quantification

Learn how to eliminate interferences and high background noise with QTRAP MRM3 scan mode. For significant gain in selectivity, sensitivity and sample prep time.

TripleTOF® System

Accurate mass quantitation and qualitative analysis on a single platform. Gain extra selectivity for quantitation by utilizing high-resolution MS/MS data.

SelexION®+ DMS Technology

Unmatched, enhanced selectivity and separation. Overcome matrix challenges, enhance peptides and proteins detection and boost quantification limits without further method development.

SCIEX OS-MQ Software

Improves processing and quantitating large numbers of analytes and samples in the least amount of time.

SCIEX OS-Q Software

Optimized for qualitative and quantitative data analysis this software advances your data processing capabilities with ease and confidence.

Bringing You High Sensitivity, Microflow Quantitation

Now you can achieve high sensitivity quantitation without sacrificing throughput and robustness with the all new OptiFlow Quant Solution from SCIEX. You will gain significant signal-to-noise advantages while avoiding the hassle and complexity of low flow assay setup.

OptiFlow Quant Solution

The intelligent union of high sensitivity, ease of use, and robustness to quantify your challenging analytes.

6 Reasons to Move to Microflow

Learn why scientists are adopting microflow LC technology to boost the sensitivity of their quantitative workflows.

eBook: Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications

Bioanalysts quantify drug products to impeccable levels of sensitivity and selectivity to ensure proper dosage, efficacy and safety. This eBook can help you extend your analytical capabilities with the right technology and the right support.

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