Robust, Flexible Solutions for Gene Therapy

Easily Analyze Viral Vectors and Nucleic Acids

Gene therapy research is critical to solving genetic diseases and advancing patient treatment. As the complementary fields of somatic gene therapy and cell-based therapy continue to explode with new research and emerging discoveries occurring daily, the design and commercialization of gene and cell therapies become a complex undertaking. Viral vectors are routinely utilized as a gene therapy delivery vehicle, with the quality of capsid proteins integral to the safety and effectiveness of this product.

A complete suite of instruments and solutions from SCIEX can help reduce some of that complexity and help you bring a safe, effective therapy to market sooner. Whether you are investigating ASOs, siRNAs, mRNAs, CRISPR, AAV gene therapies or cell-based therapies, SCIEX has your gene therapy research covered. SCIEX CE and LC-MS/MS solutions offer your laboratory flexible workflows to get the answers you need when you need them most. SCIEX offers multiple kit-based chemistries to assess the quality and impurities of nucleic acids through the use of ultrasensitive fluorescence detection.

Oligo Quant

SCIEX provides solutions for quantification of oligonucleotides, offering scientists the ability to develop methods that produce high selectivity in complex biological matrices.

Nucleic Acid and Plasmid Analysis

The ssDNA-R kit separates up to 100 base oligomers with single base resolution, while the dsDNA 1000 kit analyzes both linear ds nucleic acid up to 15,000 base as well as plasmid topology.

Nucleic Acid Sequencing

Dye terminator CE-based sequencing provides accurate sequencing of gene targets including: transgenes; verification of CRISPR sequence; analysis of human short tandem repeats or repetitive regions.

SNP Analysis

Single Based Extension (SBE) SNP starter kits multiplex up to 10 SNPs in a single reaction with high accuracy and reproducibility by utilizing 4 different labeled ddNTPs for each target alleles.

Gene Expression Profiling

The XP-PCR gene expression profiling assay allows your lab to identify and quantify target of interest mRNA quickly with the ability to analyze up to 30 gene targets in a single reaction.