Affordable LC-MS/MS System for High-Throughput Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories

The IVD Mass Spec That Blends Performance, Robustness, and Value to Deliver Reliable Results

The 3200MD Mass Spectrometry systems are affordable benchtop clinical LC-MS/MS platforms that deliver exceptional performance and application versatility for clinical laboratories.

Designed with high-throughput clinical labs doing small molecule quantitation in mind; the compact, affordable system delivers best-in-class reliability and sample reproducibility especially when compared to traditional technologies. With the ability to perform multiple assays on a single platform, and analyze various compounds simultaneously, you will save both time and cost for your routine clinical diagnostic tests.

 3200MD Mass Spectrometer
Key Features

Flexible ionization modes to address a wide range of methods

Plug and play ionization probes — ESI and APCI ionization modes that can operate at high temperatures (up to 750 °C)

TurboV™ ionization source provides legendary industry proven robustness

Reliable reproducible performance even with complex biological matrices as well as supports flow rates from 50 uL/min up to 3 mL/min

Greater control of method development and keep contamination to a minimum

The automated integrated syringe pump (3a) and diverter pump (3b) is software controlled; simplifying instrument calibration and optimization of low-concentration solutions

Compact in size so finding space will not be a hassle

The perfect mix of size and value: H 27” x W 20” x L 42”

Accurate and Selective, Rugged and Reliable — Two Affordable Solutions

Clinical laboratories expect maximum uptime and systems that can easily handle the most challenging applications but have different needs and price points. For that reason, the 3200MD Series Mass Spectrometers comes in two configurations to fit your clinical diagnostic labs need.

API 3200MD™ System

Rugged and reliable performance for your quantitation needs.

3200MD QTRAP® System

Enhanced scan modes for quantitative and qualitative analysis on a single platform.

Discover the 3200MD Mass Spectrometer

Proven dependability, the 3200MD systems offer an attractive blend of performance, robustness, and value.

IVD LC-MS/MS Performance That's Anything but Entry Level

Optimized Reproducibility

Consistent, reproducible, and accurate results day in and day out.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Run fewer assays to get all the data you need within a single run; thus, improving your bottom line.

The Right Answer, the First Time

Accuracy reliable measurements over a wide dynamic range for better data and greater confidence.

Performance Your Can Depend On


Compact benchtop system that can easily fit in your lab

Ionization Source

Ionize compounds and eliminate cross-contamination, even with large sample loads with the Turbo V™ source

Acquisition Software

Configure, tune, acquire data, explore, and quantitate with high confidence with Analyst® MD Software

Data Processing Software

LIMS compatible MultiQuant™ MD and Cliquid® MD Software provides a simple, four-step workflow, perfect for the routine clinical lab

Collision Cell

The LINAC® collision cell technology delivers faster scans, and analyzes more compounds in a single


The true hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap capabilities

Analyst MD Software

The comprehensive acquisition software that is easy and complete with features and functions to operate in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

MultiQuant™ MD Software

Process and quantify large batches of data to get clear, reliable results in the least amount of time.

Cliquid MD Software

Working with Analyst MD Software, Cliquid MD Software simplifies routine diagnostic screening and quantitation.

ChemoView™ MD Software

Rapidly screen large data sets when paired with Analyst MD Software.

Clinical Knowledge Center

The Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is designed for directors, managers, operators and method developers in clinical labs who want to improve performance and maximize the value of their SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.