Home to the Extraordinary

Have you ever wondered what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary? It’s the ‘extra’… and then some. The extra creativity, thinking, confidence, effort, ambition, and so much more. The extra that makes hard-to-imagine technology breakthroughs a reality. The extra that helps our customers do remarkable things. The extra that we get from the extraordinary people here at SCIEX. Explore this section to meet some of the many great minds in the SCIEX hall of fame.


Why SCIEX Pioneers

Tom Covey

Principal Research Scientist, SCIEX

Randy Quinn

Principal Regulatory Affairs Specialist, SCIEX

Sophie Graham

Global Digital Channel Specialist, Digital Marketing Team, SCIEX

Antonio Serna-Sanz, Ph.D.

Software and Application Support Specialist for Proteomics, EMEA SCIEX

Subhasish Purkayastha, Ph.D.

Sr. Director, Diagnostics R&D and RUO Chemistry, SCIEX

Jennifer Krone, Ph.D.

Senior Account Manager, SCIEX

Christie Hunter, Ph.D.

Director of Applications, SCIEX

Bindhiya Somasundaram

Web Developer, Digital Marketing Team, SCIEX

Tanya Gamble

Product Manager, Nominal Mass High-End Platforms, SCIEX