Melanie Juba

Discover how this mass spectrometrist combines a passion for technology and people to drive awareness of SCIEX innovations and cater to biopharma customer needs.
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What you do at SCIEX?

"I am the Senior Manager for Biopharma Accurate Mass here at SCIEX. Internally, I work with the global commercial teams and global marketing to drive revenue growth for biopharma accurate mass, and I also work with our LC-MS business unit to support new product development. Externally, I work closely with our biopharma customers to develop strong relationships and better understand their needs and challenges. In my personal life, I am a big foodie and enjoy spending time with friends and family appreciating great food, wine and craft cocktails."

What does a typical day look like?

"One of the best things about my role at SCIEX is I am always challenged with something different each day. One day I may be identifying growth opportunities in the biopharma market and then defining requirements for new workflows to win in these areas. Another day I may be analyzing the competitive landscape to inform our growth strategy and then coordinating with our applications and marketing teams to develop and execute on strategic marketing initiatives. A following day might consist of monitoring our business results, developing action plans and countermeasures to address shortfalls and working with regional sales teams to identify additional growth opportunities."

How would you describe what you do at SCIEX to your family and friends?

"I am responsible for the growth and strategic direction of our global biopharma accurate mass business."

What are some of the recent applications, publications or collaborations you have worked on?

"Recently I have collaborated with NIST on the characterization of CAR-T cell therapies, Merck on the assessment of cell culture media analytes and Janssen on the evaluation of host cell proteins."

  • "Being a mass spectrometrist myself, I love being an advocate for our customers to make sure we are providing them the right solutions to help them solve their problems."

What excites you about your role here at SCIEX?

"Whether it’s defining our growth strategy in new areas of the biopharma market or zeroing in on the next products we should be developing, the opportunity to take what I am continuously learning from our customers and put that into action internally here at SCIEX is incredibly exciting to me. Being a mass spectrometrist myself, I love being an advocate for our customers to make sure we are providing them the right solutions to help them solve their problems."

What have been some of your favorite projects to work on at SCIEX?

"One of my favorite projects I have worked on while at SCIEX is the development and implementation of a new thought leadership program. Investing in partnerships with market leading scientists to identify and advocate the differentiated benefits of SCIEX solutions is critical to strong growth, especially in biopharma. These trusted voices drive market awareness and help break down barriers in existing spaces."

How do you see mass spectrometry technology advancing in the future?

"I see mass spec becoming more automated and much easier to use. In the biopharma space, I see it acting as a “detector” for assays throughout the drug development process, facilitating things like real-time release and really helping increase the speed of bringing therapeutics to the market."

What are some of the hobbies or activities you enjoy when you are away from the office?

"Away from the office I love to travel to new places and experience the culture, food and activities. Whether I am hiking in the French Alps, sightseeing in Iceland or relaxing on the beach in Mexico, spending time with my friends and family making memories helps me strike the right work-life balance."

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