Sean McCarthy, Ph.D.

Meet the man behind mass spec innovation in the biopharmaceutical space. Sean has a constant eye on scientific challenges in biopharma, helping to shape solutions that meet emerging analytical requirements.
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Sean McCarthy is the Technical Marketing Manager for Biopharmaceuticals. His favorite hobby is taking on projects around the house. "Any type of project is good, but taking care of the little things that come up and having to do research to learn how to get it done is what I find enjoyable. It is always rewarding when you know you have done the work yourself."

How would you describe what you do at SCIEX to your friends and family?

"Overall my objective is to understand the needs of our customers focused on biopharmaceuticals and provide meaningful workflows and solutions to address their analytical needs and challenges. To this end, my focus is not only using the technology we already offer but working with colleagues across the organization to develop a new solution and expand our current solutions."

What excites you about your role here at SCIEX?

"Knowing the solutions that we provide to our customers are addressing important scientific challenges, and will be used to improve the quality of life for people globally."

What are some Applications, Publications, or Collaborations you have worked on?

"Most recently I have been involved in a number of collaborations focused on the use of our emerging biopharmaceutical solutions. The majority of the application has focused on the use of peptide map and intact mass data for the characterization of biotherapeutics. Another interesting area which I have been involved with is oligonucleotide analysis. It is great to see this therapeutic area rapidly developing."

  • "I strive to work with key leaders in the forefront of Biotherapeutic development to understand their workflow needs. This insight enables SCIEX to bring impactful solutions to market that help solve their day-to-day challenges. And as part of Danaher Life Sciences, we have access to a wide range of technologies and expertise to address customer needs with total solutions."

What are some of the biggest game changers you see in the advancement of Life Science Research?

"There are several areas where life science research where I see significant advancement today and continuing into the future. One is in the area of cell-based therapies and the other is in the use of CRISPR technology. Each offers a distinct means of treating disease and offer the promise of radically changing how we approach treating the patient. I am excited to understand these areas and understand how our technology can play a role in their development."

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