High Throughput ADME

Modern drug discovery environments depend on the quality and accuracy of results from in vitro and in vivo studies to select new chemical entities (NCEs) or new biological entities (NBEs) with a high potential for clinical success. Modern medicinal chemistry labs can synthesize compounds at a rapid rate, increasing throughput demands on ADME/PK labs.

Speed your analyses with DiscoveryQuant™ 3.0 Software

Help your lab operate more efficiently in ADME workflows, by increasing the speed and quality of bioanalytical results. DiscoveryQuant 3.0 software will help you accomplish:

  • Rapid and automated compound optimization to yield multiple MRM conditions (up to 7) for the most sensitive quantitative assay development
  • Seamless high-throughput HPLC-MRM method development to quickly move new drug candidates through the pipeline
  • An increase in results generation by managing the entire workflow including: creating batches, cassetting compounds, building methods, integrating data, and generating final reports

DiscoveryQuant 3.0 software is:

  • Built for efficient with quick and review screens for optimization and assay results
  • A multi-lab and multi-site application with a globally connected compound database
  • Designed to work on both QTRAP® and TripleTOF® Systems

Screenshot of the DiscoveryQuant 3.0 software for compound optimization review. The software automatically chooses the best transitions and optimizes the MS parameters for maximal sensitivity in detection. Optimized parameters are saved in a global database and can be shared across lab sites for fast method transfer.