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Trust that your LC-MS/MS results from every analysis are actionable, every day, so you can make informed analytical science decisions for today and for the future. SCIEX OS Software for our LC-MS/MS instruments unlocks your laboratory potential, so you can analyze more, analyze better, and analyze faster.

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It's a single software that processes all your data

SCIEX OS integrates all the functionalities you need for processing your quantitative and qualitative LC-MS/MS data.

Automation tools simplify batch handling and cut down on the hassle of manual interaction and optimization. New proprietary algorithms save a significant amount of time on data review and improve your confidence in results. Plus, you gain a consistent user experience across all SCIEX instruments, streamlining lab operation for efficiency gains.

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It runs every LC-MS/MS workflow you need, every day

Whether your analytical science is routine or complex—from compliant to flexible research—SCIEX OS OS will streamline each workflow, with simplicity.

Additional SCIEX application modules work seamlessly with SCIEX OS, so you can get the most out of your system.

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It's powerful one-touch quantitative analysis

Precision and accuracy are at the core of everything SCIEX develops to power up your laboratory's LC-MS/MS performance.

SCIEX OS proprietary and automated data interpretation algorithms facilitate accurate and precise peak integration for the highest level of confidence in your quantitative LC-MS/MS results. You save valuable time as the software puts critical information at your fingertips.

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It speeds up sample screening and qualitative analysis

Whether it is targeted, non-targeted or suspect screening, the SCIEX OS powerful feature sets allow you to automatically process batches of analysis quickly and simply.

With fast visual review, identify the compounds you expected, confirm their presence via MS/MS library search, and postulate chemical information on the analytes you didn't expect—all with high levels of confidence. It's just a simple mouse click for a more informed you.

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It helps you stay compliant with built-in data integrity features

SCIEX OS Software fully supports GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance regulations. Key data integrity features required to reduce your regulations risk, including configurable security, electronic signatures, and audit trails, are implemented in SCIEX OS Software.

Your data is always protected

Data security is serious. That's why SCIEX OS Software includes customizable tools so you can comply with your lab's security policies. Tailor electronic audit trails, electronic signatures, and detailed security configurations to comply with the specific requirements of your lab.

Switching is simple

SCIEX OS Software seamlessly processes data generated by Analyst® and Analyst® TF Software. Import your existing processing methods and start analyzing data acquired on SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP®, TripleTOF®, and X500 QTOF systems.

Quantification, library searching, and explore mode, all in one combined solution.

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Breakthrough usability

Point, click, analyze. The design is intuitive and straightforward. With all your data processing workflows at your fingertips, navigation is easy.

SCIEX OS Software makes mass spectrometer technology accessible to users of different skill levels to perform their automated analyses. Plus, you can refer to SCIEX University™ to get even more out of your system.

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It's part of the future

SCIEX OS Software is the next generation of software. It is integral to our continuous innovation in mass spectrometry technologies. Switching to SCIEX OS Software powers up your analytical potential so that you can take a step into the future of mass spectrometry applications today.

A redesigned graphical user interface, intelligent, powerful and automated algorithms, world-class support, online training, and multiple deployment options—that's what the software is all about.

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SCIEX OS Software is a uniquely extensible platform, with a growing ecosystem of hardware and software partners. Today, the software operates the SCIEX X500 QTOF series. SCIEX OS Software also processes data generated by Analyst® and Analyst® TF Software on SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP®, and TripleTOF® systems.

New features are implemented on a regular schedule. With much of its development driven by our community, feedback to our development team via the feature request system means faster response to your needs.

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By submitting your information, you agree that SCIEX may collect and further process your personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy. You may object to receiving further information at any time.