Metabolomics Pathway Analysis to put your Research on the Map

Comprehensive Tools for Pathway-Driven Metabolomics Mapping

The known metabolic pathway analysis network studied in metabolomics research is a highly conserved series of chemical reactions that has evolved to sustain and regulate life. Though the network may appear complex its high degree of conservation across different species means that pathway-driven metabolomics is often the most logical approach to drawing tangible biological conclusions.

Maximizing coverage of the known metabolome is challenging due to the array of chemical structures and polarities represented across the network, and often multiple approaches are required to quantify as many know metabolites as possible.

SCIEX solutions for pathway-driven metabolomics allow comprehensive approaches such as SWATH® Acquisition to be performed with a high dynamic range, maximizing overall coverage of the known metabolome, while also providing specific options to detect and quantify more challenging metabolite classes such as highly polar nucleotides and many of the lipid classes. This can be achieved via a single mass spectrometry platform allowing you to quantitatively map known metabolic pathways with higher coverage than ever before.

Increase Your Coverage of the Known Metabolome

Cover more of the metabolic network than ever before with comprehensive data acquisition strategies and with front-end solutions that extend your reach even further, enabling quantification of more challenging metabolites.

Cover as much as possible with SWATH® Acquisition

Limited dynamic range and missing MSMS information can limit your coverage and confidence using MS1 approaches. Discover how SWATH® Acquisition allows you to see more.

Quantify challenging polar species to increase coverage

Many polar and charged metabolites are challenging to analyze using traditional approaches. See how capillary electrophoresis methods allow these to be readily quantified.

Get to grips with the lipids

Lipid analysis is often considered separately due to its challenging nature. Find out how SelexION™ technology is enabling more people to undertake lipid analysis routinely.

Technology to Extend and Enhance Your View of the Metabolome

To achieve ultimate coverage of the known metabolome it is essential to be equipped with high performing MS instrumentation, comprehensive methods and tools that simplify the more challenging analyses. Discover how SCIEX Triple TOF® solutions are extending the reach of metabolomics researchers.

High Performance Solutions for Cutting Deeper

A host of innovative tools to probe every metabolite, pathway or process. See how SCIEX solutions give ultimate performance and flexibility for in-depth metabolomics research.

TripleTOF® 6600

Fast MS and MSMS acquisition with high dynamic range to push the limits of metabolite discovery.

SWATH® Acquisition

The most comprehensive approach to metabolite profiling. Data independent MSMS on everything with no data gaps.

CESI 8000

Bringing capillary electrophoresis and electrospray-MS together into a single sensitive and selective approach.


An extra dimension of selectivity using differential mobility spectrometry.