Breaking the Boundaries of Protein Glycosylation

Glycosylation is potentially the most important biotherapeutic critical quality attribute (CQA) in the discovery and development pipeline as it directly impacts binding capabilities, efficacy, immunogenicity, and clearance.

Glycan analysis is crucial to overall biotherapeutic safety. Take for example research scientists performing clone selection. Analytical development researchers running glycan characterization and QA/QC analysts responsible for lost release.

In all these scenarios, determining the exact glycans on large biotherapeutics can be difficult due to their diversity. Different glycan analysis strategies are being applied with varying degrees of success, but few can provide the depth of characterization required with a simple, fast and accurate assay. The downside is that many labs are struggling to cope with the increasing workload.

Accelerate Biotherapeutic Glycan Analysis
With SCIEX fast glycan CE solutions, you can now determine what type and how many glycans are on your large biotherapeutics, up to 2x faster than traditional HILIC methods, with higher resolution. SCIEX LC-MS and CESI-MS solutions can accurately determine intact and subunit level glycoprotein profiles for comparability reasons, as well as obtain site specific glycan information at the peptide level.

Glycan Analysis Solutions that are Faster and Simpler by Design

Now you can experience the certainty and simplicity of protein glycosylation analysis with innovative LC-MS, CESI-MS, and CE solutions from SCIEX. It has never been easier to gain a comprehensive analysis of glycans on large biotherapeutics in a single solution – with fast, precise and in-depth characterization:

Experience CE that is 2x Faster than HILIC with High-Resolution

Our award-winning Fast Glycan Technology is up to 2x faster than a HILIC assay. You can gain high-resolution information without the need for long column equilibration, or lengthy sample preparation procedures. The SCIEX solution includes a sample prep kit that is optimized for a 1-hour prep time and is compatible with automation to ensure you can have the fastest possible sample turnaround.

Automated, Quantitative Glycan ID with CE

Our Fast Glycan Technology provides immediate N-glycan identification without the need for enzymatic digestion, by using our customizable and flexible database that immediately and accurately identify species based on GU value. This technology will help you to fast-track your analyses and keep up with workloads.

Simple and Accurate Intact Glycoprofiling by LC-MS

Our QTOF technology provides accurate intact protein data for even very large biotherapeutics. The SCIEX X500B QTOF system with BioPharmaView software has an intuitive user interface, making it simple to set up, run, process and report intact protein glycoforms.

Site Specific Glycopeptide Analysis by LC-MS

LC-MS of glycopeptides from biotherapeutics is challenging. These species can be present at very low levels and often get missed by traditional IDA based data acquisition approaches. SCIEX QTOF systems use proprietary data-independent SWATH Acquisition that captures data for all detectable peptide species in a sample. Powerful processing with BioPharmaView software confirms the presence or absence of glycopeptides routinely.

Winner of Best Technology Application Analytical A

Complementary Study of the N-linked Glycosylation

Solving the Challenges in Biotherapeutic Glycan Analysis

Whether you are using HILIC or CE to quantitatively determine what glycans are present, performing LC-MS or CESI-MS on intact biotherapeutics to determine the relative presence of glycoforms, or analyzing glycopeptides to identify glycans and their location, we have the right solution for you. Our fast glycan technology as well as our best-in-class mass spec options with BioPharmaView software, will simplify analyses and get you quantitative answers faster.

Fast Glycan Analysis with Capillary Electrophoresis

The award winning Fast Glycan Technology is up to 2x faster than HILIC. Gain high-resolution N-glycan information for your biotherapeutic protein without the need for long column equilibration, or lengthy sample preparation procedures. If you need to identify the glycans present on your biotherapeutic protein quantitatively, SCIEX CE technology will enable you to perform released N-glycan analysis in record time.

  • Simple automatable sample prep
  • 5-20 minute high resolution separation
  • Immediate glycan identification
  • Cost-effective technology

Fast Glycan Labelling and Analysis Kit

Includes sample prep reagents and capillary cartridge, with protocols and methods for implementation.

GU Value Table

Fast Glycan Software provides high-resolution electropherogram and GU value information along with glycan structural data for identification.

PA 800 Plus

Flexible platform for multiple analytical assays with a temperature controlled capillary for the utmost reproducibility.

Expert Support

Access comprehensive services and support from recognized industry leaders in glycan analysis.


Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis Technology

Technical Note

Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis: High-Resolution Separation and Identification in Minutes


Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis: Sensitive CE-LIF Detection with Automated Glycan Identification


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Introducing the SCIEX Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis Kit

Technical Note

Fast Glycan Sequencing Using a Fully Automated Carbohydrate Sequencer

Streamlined Glycoform Profiling by LC-MS

If you need to perform routine biotherapeutic glycoform profiling or determine site-specific glycan heterogeneity, the SCIEX X500B QTOF System with BioPharmaView software provides a simple and streamlined solution.

  • Identify and monitor intact biotherapeutics for glycoform simply, efficiently and accurately with the X500B QTOF LC-MS system.
  • Capture all detectable peptides including the low-level glycopeptides missed by alternate IDA approaches with SWATH® Acquisition.
  • Analyse and process large data sets easily using BioPharmaView™ software.

ExionLC System

Delivers high accuracy, reliability and repeatability across thousands of injections, with maximum uptime.

X500B QTOF System

Accurate mass analysis with the compact and streamlined QTOF System and the renowned Turbo V™ ionization source.


Intuitive point-and-click acquisition software makes it easier than ever to set-up and run your methods.

SWATH® Acquisition

Unbiased, data-independent acquisition strategy for analysis of all detectable glycopeptides in a biotherapeutic sample, even those that may be missed by traditional data dependent acquisition methods.

BioPharmaView™ Software

Automated biotherapeutic data processing with ability to determine site-specific glycan presence as well as accurate mass analysis of glycoprotein forms.

Solution Guide

Innovation for Biotherapeutic Peptide Mapping

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Glycosylated and Deglycosylated Subunit Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates

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Routine Workflow for Comparability Assessment of Protein Biopharmaceuticals

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Comparative Multi- Supplier Lot Analysis of Trastuzumab using Subunit Analysis on the X500B QTOF System