SCIEX Broadens Chromatography Solutions Portfolio with New Eksigent UHPLC Systems

Expansion into analytical flow LC delivers value for fully integrated LC/MS/MS workflows, complemented by evolution of micro LC

March 12, 2012

SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today broadened its portfolio of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) solutions. This expansion includes the introduction of the Eksigent ekspertTM ultraLC 100 and 100-XL Systems, which are analytical flow LC systems that further enhance SCIEX's complete LC/MS/MS workflow solutions. The company also unveiled today the new Eksigent ekspertTM microLC 200 System, the world's only dedicated micro-UHPLC designed to deliver up to 5x faster separations and up to 4x improved sensitivity while reducing sample consumption. These new analytical and micro flow UHPLC systems are on display this week at PITTCON 2012 (SCIEX booth # 2819).

The new Eksigent ekspertTM ultraLC 100 and 100-XL Systems are designed for a wide range of scientists, including food safety, clinical research and forensic scientists who need a total workflow solution for high-throughput UHPLC-MS/MS analysis of residues, impurities, drugs and other analytes in complex matrices. These new systems are analytical flow UHPLC systems designed specifically for use with SCIEX mass spectrometers, offering the highest UHPLC performance available in a fully integrated LC/MS/MS system for unrivaled, total system value.

The Eksigent analytical flow series eliminates the unnecessary extras of multi-purpose UHPLC systems and addresses the need for a cost-effective UHPLC solution for laboratories preferring a single vendor to provide, install and support an integrated LC/MS platform that is competitive in price. The ekspert ultraLC systems are available as part of the new SCIEX Accelerated Lab IntegrationTM Packages, which combine LC, application software, reagents, services and mass spectrometer, such as the new SCIEX 4500 series, which was also announced today at Pittcon.

"Chromatography is an important part of SCIEX's business and the value we offer to our customers," said Rainer Blair, President of SCIEX. "As an integrated LC/MS systems provider, we focus on the value of the complete workflow. With the new ultraLC systems, we are delivering a simplified UHPLC-MS solution that is tailor-made for food testing, clinical research and forensic toxicology. Our expansion into analytical flow LC to complement our growing nano and micro LC business is the next step to realizing the long-term potential of broadening our chromatography solutions."

Complementing the new analytical flow LC solution is an extension of the micro flow LC line of products. For researchers looking for improved sensitivity with sample-limited assays, the ekspert microLC 200 system delivers as much as 10x reduction in sample consumption while minimizing sample injection volumes without sacrificing sensitivity.

Designed specifically for high throughput mass spectrometry laboratories, the ekspert microLC system is functionally stackable on the new SCIEX 4500 systems and the industry-leading SCIEX 5500 series systems, reducing the use of laboratory space and reducing mobile phase costs by up to 95%. The ekspert microLC 200 system is ideal for biotherapeutic researchers looking to improve the throughput and robustness of their peptide quantitation assays as well as for pharmaceutical scientists who need to improve sensitivity for their ADME and bioanalysis assays.

"The Eksigent ekspert microLC package contains everything a laboratory needs as far as an LC for high-throughput quantitation at low flow rates," said Tina Settineri, Director of HPLC products for Eksigent at SCIEX. "Just as our analytical flow LC solution builds upon our track record in micro LC, the new ekspert microLC system builds upon our leadership as the Eksigent business in direct pumping nano LC systems. SCIEX provides a smooth and logical migration from nano to micro to analytical flow rate, addressing a wide range of applications."

All of the new LC solutions are also fully supported by the comprehensive service and support provided by SCIEX Global Services.

Note to Editors

These new systems will be on display in the mobile laboratory that SCIEX, along with its partner Phenomenex, has on site outside the convention center in Orlando this week. SCIEX and Phenomenex will embark on a 30-city tour across North America over the next two months, demonstrating the 4500 series and the Eksigent ekspert 100 series for LC/MS/MS workflows.


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