Accelerate Your Move into Large Molecule Bioanalysis

The Most Complete Solution for Quantitative Biologics

The SCIEX Biologics Quantitation Solution delivers everything you need to move to large molecule bioanalysis. Offering the most complete lab-tested biologics quantitation platform available on the market, you can simplify method development, accelerate your workflows and get accurate results, faster than ever before.

From Sample to Quantitation with the Ultimate Confidence

Integrated Automation Delivers Huge Time-Savings

The SCIEX Biologics Quantitation Solution not only provides pre-tested protocols, it offers automated sample preparation with the Beckman Coulter Biomek Laboratory Automation Workstation. The result: greater productivity with more consistent, dependable results.


Integrate every aspect of liquid handling – pipetting, heating and mixing- into a single automated system that is as powerful as it is flexible and easy-to-use.


You don’t need to be an automation expert. The SCIEX Method Launcher Software guides operators through the pre-built biologics quantitation workflow, providing progress milestone updates as well as the ability to monitor status remotely.


Combined with lab-tested vMethod™ Applications, you can process large sample batches with little effort and the ultimate confidence

Jump Start Your Workflows

Biologics Quantitation Solution workflows incorporate advanced lab-proven tools such as vMethod™, DiscoveryQuant™ and MultiQuant™ to help you quickly get your large molecule studies running and to significantly expedite method development time.


vMethod Applications enable you to select from tested pre-built methods that map to your compounds of interest, ensuring consistent and portable results.


DiscoveryQuant Software optimizes methods and handles concurrent analysis for hundreds of small or large molecules with a fast, robust and reliable process.


MultiQuant Software enables you to handle large data sets to effectively address bioanalytical reporting for all molecule types, with enhanced compliance features.

Quantitation You Really Can Count On

The Biologics Quantitation Solution is specifically designed to handle any biologics quantitation challenge. It combines best-in-class hardware with extremely high sensitivity and linear dynamic range for the quantitation of biotherapeutics in either pre-clinical or clinical sample matrices.

Total Confidence

The robust and highly sensitive QTRAP® 6500+ LC-MS System stands up to the harshest analytical conditions.

Exceptional Stability

The SCIEX ExionLC™ System offers exceptional baseline stability, while the SCIEX M3 MicroLC offers high sensitivity for limited sample sizes.

Enhanced Selectivity

Handle difficult compound interferences by enhancing selectivity with SelexION® Differential Mobility technology.

The Ultimate Solution for Biologics Bioanalysis

Proven Quantitation for All Your Biotherapeutics

Whether you are looking at therapeutic peptides, monoclonal antibodies or the most complex antibody drug conjugates, this solution delivers high quality data for the quantitation of a wide range of biotherapeutics in both pre-clinical and clinical sample matrices.

Therapeutic Peptides

Sensitive and robust analysis of therapeutic peptides, such as glucagon and insulin glargine

Monoclonal Antibodies

Selective detection of biotherapeutic mAbs

Antibody Drug Conjugates

High quality quantitation of ADCs

The Power Behind the Biologics Quantitation Solution

Everything You Need for Large Molecule Bioanalysis

SCIEX offers flexible configurations to help you succeed with biologics quantitation. Choose from automated sample preparation, world-class LC-MS hardware, data processing software, comprehensive pre-built methods and training solutions to accelerate your move into large molecule quantitation and take your bioanalytical lab to the next level.

BioMek Automation Workstation

Easy-to-use automation workstation to provide greater productivity and dependable results

QTRAP 6500+® System Pharma Biologics vMethod™ Application

Achieve a high level of sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range required for complex quantitation

Software Suites

Drive productivity with the DiscoveryQuant™ Software and MultiQuant™ Software

Pharma Biologics vMethods

Lab proven vMethod applications to ensure consistent results and portability across labs

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Planned Maintenance

TripleTOF 6600 Flyer

CE Training Overview 2021

SCIEX OS LC/MS Software and 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations

Biopharma Compendium 2019 (ZH)

ncrease the Sensitivity and Dynamic Range of Your PA 800 Plus with Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)(ZH)

Catalogue of Literatures on Traditional Chinese Medicine (Volume 1)

Gene Therapy Flyer(ZH)

Standard Addition Processing Simplified with SCIEX OS Software

Increase Method Robustness with SCIEX Low pH SDS Sample Buffer

Gene Therapy and Oligonucleotide Compendium

CE Training Overview DE 2021

Ultra-sensitive host cell protein detection using CESI-MS with SWATH® Acquisition

Development of a new workflow for multiple attribute methodology (MAM) of an

Microsoft PowerPoint - Fonslow 2017 ABRF General CESI-MS Poster Final - legal approved (1)

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Determining Disulfid Bond Position by Peptide Mapping with LC-MS/MS Tech Note

Compliant-Ready Intact Biotherapeutic Protein Quantitation Using Reconstructed Masses

CE Based Sequencing Analysis as A Tool for Investigation of Sterility Positives with Fast Turnaround Time

Advanced Biotransform Solution: Sensitive Microflow Analysis of Peptide Catabolism

Microsoft PowerPoint - 09-0416P Validation of a 16-Gene Expression Signature in NSCLC_poster.ppt

Quantitation of Intact Therapeutic Protein in Plasma Matrix by LC/MS

Ultra-sensitive host cell protein detection using CESI-MS with SWATH Acquisition A0 [Read-Only] [Compatibility Mode]


A sensitive and robust plasmid analysis method by Capillary Electrophoresis-Laser Induced Fluorescence

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High-Throughput and Automated Software Workflow Strategies for Small Molecule Identification and Characterization Using a High Resolution Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer

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Automated and Rapid Characterization of Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin Oligosaccharides Using TripleTOF 5600 Mass Spectrometer with SimGlycan Software

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CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis

CZE Capillary Conditioning

CZE Shutdown

CZE Shutdown

CZE Analysis

Compliant attribute monitoring for biopharmaceutical product quality attributes employing intact mass analysis

Improved Immunoaffinity-LC-MS/MS Method for Quantifying Adalimumab in Rat Plasma

Splicing strategy MEF2C transcripts

Benefits of Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry for High-Sensitivity Quantification of Peptides

Intact Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates

Comparative peptide mapping between two manufacturers of Trastuzumab using the X500B QTOF System

High resolution approach to the detection of insulin degradation products

Análisis Sensible de Impurezas de las Proteínas de la Cápside AAV por CE usando un Colorante Fluorescente Chromeo P503

DMS Analysis of Glycans / Glycopeptides using SelexION

Impact of High-Resolution MRM Analysis on Complex Proteomes

Microflow for Quantitation of a PBD

High Selectivity MS Quantification of Proteins and Peptides

CESI-MS comparison of tryptic diges an assessment of bio similarity

Assessing Glycosimilarity of Biotherapeutics

Microsoft Word - Sciex Plasmid Analysis TN Final.docx

TN-Evap_labeling-formated-verGA8 _v2

CESI-MS performance check and MS calibration using PepCalMix standard for silica surface OptiMS cartridges

Isotopic Resolution of Chromatographically Separated IdeS Subunits Using X500B QTOF System

T-1878A: Allele Size And Plus A In CEQ™ Fragment Analysis Software

Determination of Full, Partial and Empty Capsid Ratios forAdeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Analysis

Isotopically Resolved Subunit Analysis for Tracking Protein Therapeutic Stress Studies

High Throughput Data Processing and Comparison of Intact Mass Analysis using BPV Flex software 1.0.1

Rapid, sensitive analysis of sphingolipid variant profiles with simplified sample extraction

Microsoft Word - HCP Tech Note _Detailed_FINAL

Sub-pg Level Quant of Desmopressin in Small Volumes of Plasma using Microflow

Sensitive AAV Capsid Protein Impurity Analysis by CE Using

Enabling Compliant Multiple Attribute Methodology for Assessment of Biopharmaceutical Product Quality Attributes

Differential Mobility Separation of Glycosylceramides

Flexible NanoSpray® III Source, for nanoflow and CESI applications

Microsoft Word - Host cell protein detection using CESI-MS with SWATH Tech Note.docx

Improved Immunoaffinity-LC-MS/MS Method for Quantifying Adalimumab in Rat Plasma

A new approach to the analysis ofanionicmetabolites by CESI-MS with negative ion electrospray ionization

Automated Drug-to-Antibody (DAR) Calculations for Greater Efficiency in Analyzing Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Disulfide Bond Mapping Using BioPharmaView Software

SelexION® Technology: Selectivity for Quantitative Bioanalysis

Microsoft PowerPoint - Brodesser_Omics Session_Berlin 14.03.17

Enabling Single-Software Multiple Attribute Methodology (MAM) for assessment of Biopharmaceutical Product Quality Attributes

DMS of Iso-Elemental Lipid Species


Microsoft Word - HCP Technical Note_Short

Rapid Characterization of Biologics using a CESI 8000 – SCIEX TripleTOF® 5600+ System

SCIEX ssDNA 100-R Kit Instruction Guide

8 Charge-Variant-Assessment-of-Nanobodies-at-the-Intact-Level-by-CESI-MS.indd

The Lipidyzer Platform - complete solution for Lipidomics Research

The AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500 and QTRAP® 6500 Systems for Bioanalysis A New Level of Sensitivity

Elucidation and tracking of charge variants in antibodies: combining ease-of-use with gain in information

SWATH® for Confidence in Peptide Mapping for Biotherapeutics Characterization

Native Mass Spectrometry using the X500B QTOF System for Fragment-Based Screening

Resolution of Ether- and Diacyl-Linked Phospholipids by DMS

Comparative characterization of the Fc domain N-glycosylation in monoclonal antibody and fusion protein therapeutics

Ultrafast Analysis of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs)

FSH Quant Technical Note

Studying Quality Attributes of Rituximab by Mass Spectrometry

A Robust and Generic Method for Quantification of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics in Biological Matrices


A Rapid and Efficient Method for the Post-Reaction Cleanup of Labeled Dye Terminator Sequencing Products Using the Avanti J-E Centrifuge with the AllSpin JS-5.3 Rotor

Velocity-corrected area calculation SCIEX PA 800 Plus Empower Driver version 1.3 vs. 32 Karat Software.docx

Automated Fast Glycan Sequencing

CESI-MS of Intact Proteins

Analysis of Intact Monoclonal Antibodies

Purity Analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Capsid Proteins using CE-LIF Technology

Evaluación de la glicosimilaridad de bioterapéuticos

Tracking Quality Attributes Using the BioPharmaView™ Software

Expanding phosphorylation and post translational site mapping in proteomics using CESI-MS

Rapid LC-MS/MS Analysis of Free Amino Acids

mAb Oxidation Analysis using X500B and Peptide Mapping


Microsoft Word - A Robust and Generic Method for Quantification of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics in Biological Matrices_FINA

Metabolite Identification of Payload Species of Antibody Drug Conjugates with Noncleavable Linkers

SDS-MW calibration and molecular weight estimation using the SCIEX PA 800 Plus Empower Driver version 1.3

Enhanced Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Candidates in Development Using Ion Mobility Separation

Improved Immnuoaffinity LCMSMS Method for Quantifying Insulin Aspart in Human Plasma

Microsoft Word - DEN GAS LUMC app note 1_0_GSM_mw corrections accepted (3)

Comprehensive Characterization of a site-specific antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) by subunit and peptide mapping analysis

Detección de Impurezas de Anticuerpos Intactos en SCIEX X500B

2014_WCBP_poster_70_SelexION Intact mAb poster_VFinal_Legal.pptx

Antibody Subunit Oxidation Study

Method Optimization for Multiple Attribute Method on TripleTOF 6600

Microsoft Word - SCIEX Success Programs Listing v5.docx

Routine Workflow for Comparability Assessment of Protein Biopharmaceuticals

How to ensure compliance for your biotherapeutics from development throughout Quality Control (QC)

Extending the Lower Limits of Quantification of a Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Through Microflow LC-MS/MS

Quantification of Trastuzumab using Immunoaffinity-LC-MS

A covalent, cationic polymer coating method for the CESI-MS analysis of intact proteins and polypeptides

Analysis of non-deglycosylated antibody-drug-conjugates

A Single Analytical Platform for Glycan Analysis, Charge Heterogeneity, and Purity Determination of the NISTmAb Fast Methods to Maximize the Use of the PA 800 Plus

Enhancing Characterization of Antibody-based Biologics using Differential Mobility and Mass Spec

Determination of Genotoxic Impurities Methyl benzenesulfonate and Ethyl benzenesulfonate on SCIEX Triple Quad 3500

To Develop Quantitative Analysis Method of Intact Insulin Lispro By SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 System (ZH)

Universal Solution for Monoclonal Antibody Quantification in Biological Fluids Using Trap-Elute MicroLC-MS Method

Routine and Enhanced Intact Mass Analysis without Compromise on TripleTOF Systems

Determination of Protein Sequence Mutation and Complex Post Translation Modification on the X500B QTOF System

Heterogeneity analysis of cysteine-linked antibody-drug conjugate by CE method

LC-MS-MS Method for Determination of 523 Pesticide Residues in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Determination of Genotoxic Impurities 4-nitrophenol on SCIEX Triple Quad 3500

Determination of free carrier proteins in polysaccharideprotein conjugate vaccines by capillary micellar electrokinetic chromatography

Isotopic Resolution of Chromatographically Separated IdeS Subunits Using the X500B QTOF System

Application of TripleTOF 5600 System in the Identification of Components of Tibetan Drug Rhodiola rosea L

TripleTOF 5600 system combined with Natrual Products Library quickly identify Psoraleae components

Rapid Screening of Phenyl-sulfonate Ester Genotoxic Impurities by pMRM-IDA-EPI

Determination of Genotoxic Impurities Methyl Methanesulfonate and Ethyl Methanesulfonate on SCIEX Triple QuadTM 4500 system

Enabling Single-Software Multiple Attribute Methodology for Assessment of Biopharmaceutical Product Quality Attributes

Abstract-Analysis of components in Shengmai injection by CESI-MS

Characterization and Identification of flavonoids in Traditional Chinese Medicine Artemisia rupestris L by SCIEX QTRAP 4500

Identification of Extractable and Leachable in Single Use Packaging of Drug on the X500 QTOF System

Routine workflow for comparability assessment of protein biopharmaceuticals

Determination of Genotoxic Impurities N-nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid on SCIEX Triple QuadTM 4500 system

Enabling new levels of quantification (ZH)

Purity Analysis of mRNA Vaccine by Using CGE-LIF (ZH)

Analysis of glycopeptides in erythropoietin by CESI-MS/MS and NanoLC-MS/MS techniques

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry X500R Comprehensive Analysis of Citrus Pesticide Residues Components and Species Differences

The chemical characterization of the medical catheter ethanol extracts with SCIEX X500R

LC-MS-MS Method for Rapid Determination of 30 Forbidden Pesticides In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Determination of NMDA in Ranitidine Hydrochloride by LC-MS-MS

2018 SCIEX中医药研究解决方案专辑

The application of 2D-LC-QTRAP in the analysis of drug impurities CN

SCIEX Triple Quad 4500 System Quickly Identify the Authenticity of Colloid Drugs

Analysis 106 Compounds in Cell Supernatant by Using LC-MS-MS

Comparation the N-Glycan of different sources recombinant human erythropoietin by using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detector

Rapid Determination of The Genotoxic Impurities N-Nitrosodiethylamine by LC-MS-MS

Fast Efficient Disulfide Bond Mapping Using BioPharmaView Software

Detection of Three Vulcanizing Agents in Rubber Plug by Triple Quad 4500

SWATH–Data Independent Acquisition for Confidence in Peptide Mapping for Biotherapeutics Characterization

LC-MS-MS Method for Rapid Determination of Volatile Aldehydes in Cells

BPV Flex Soft ware accelerates your biotherapeutic development

5 分钟轻松完成电荷异质性分析

CE-MS solutions enabling next-generation therapeutics

PA 800 Plus System Administration Guide (ES)

PA 800 Plus System Administration Guide (FR)

Increase the Sensitivity and Dynamic Range of Your PA 800 Plus with Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)

Caracterice con Confianza

Charge Heterogeneity Analysis of Intact NIST mAb Using CESI-MS and Neutral OptiMS Cartridge